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Ammonium Carbonicum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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21, Buckner's Repert. für Pharm. (wibmer), Buckner's experiments on himself.

October 20th, a pulse of 76, took 1 1/2 grain. Immediately after a strong odor of Ammonia was noticed in the nose. After twenty minutes the dose was repeated, the pulse remaining the same. Twenty minutes after took 3 grains; taste and odor as before. Half an hour after the last dose took again 3 grains, feels quite well, pulse 70; ate dinner with good appetite. On the next day, pulse 68, in the morning, took 3 grains. After fifteen minutes, noticed a throbbing headache in the left frontal region, lasting two minutes, pulse 72. Twenty minutes afterward took 6 grains. After a quarter of an hour the head was heavy and full, lasting about half an hour. After twenty minutes the pulse was 74. About 10 o'clock I breakfasted with appetite. 1 o'clock, pulse 76, took 6 grains, and repeated the dose after fifteen minutes. In the afternoon I noticed transient slight headache. On the third day, pulse 71, took 6 grains. After five minutes noticed slight dulness and heaviness in the forehead, which lasted ten minutes, and afterwards for five minutes slight throbbing in the frontal region. Twenty minutes afterwards took again 6 grains. Then minutes after this dose the head was somewhat heavy. Twenty minutes afterwards took again 6 grains; ten minutes after this I noticed a feeling of distension in the brain, especially in the right side; scraping in the throat provoking a dry cough. Finally, about 10 o'clock, I took 12 grains, followed by increased inclination to cough, and increased secretion of mucus in the trachea. Ate dinner with great appetite, and through the day felt quite well,


The sesquicarbonate of Ammonium (smelling salts), formula 2)2CO3CO2 Preparation, Solution in distilled water, one to ten.



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