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Alumina - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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On biting on a stump it pains, as if violently pushed into the socket,

Number of little ulcers in the mouth,

The mouth continually feels as if it were burnt (after dinner) (after forty-eight hours),

Sour liquid rises into his mouth,

Gums and teeth

Two rotten molar teeth (one above, the other below) catch into each other on opening the mouth,

Ulceration of the roots of all the teeth,

In chewing the least she suffers the most violent toothache; the roots of the teeth are then painful, as if they were ulcerated,

The toothache extends down to the larynx, with irritation of the nerves, as after having caught cold, or having used too much Chamomilla chamomile,

The teeth are very painful when she chews; she is afraid of pressing them against one another (after second day),

Upon setting the teeth together, a toothache, as if the teeth were loose,

The hollow teeth are very painful when food gets into them,

Sense of coldness of the teeth, with great sensitiveness,

Sensation as if the teeth were too long (first day),

In the evening, boring (tearing, grinding) in the teeth (after one hour),

Boring in various hollow teeth,

Drawing pain in the teeth of the right side, in the evening; it disappeared after having laid down,

Drawing and tearing pain in the front lower teeth, extending to the zygoma and the temples,

Drawing pain, extending from one tooth as far as the ear, in the side of the head,

Pressive pain in one of the incisors, both when chewing and not,

Tearing in the molar teeth at different times of the day, sometimes as high up as the temples,

Cutting toothache, in the open air and on lying down in the evening bed (after two and three hours),

Bruised pain in one of the right upper molar teeth; pressing upon the tooth, which makes it feel loose, relieves the pain (eleventh day),

One of the upper molar teeth is painful to the touch,

At night, when in bed, throbbing of the roots of the teeth, like pulsations,

Jerking and tearing toothache wakes her up after midnight; it disappears after rising (fifth day),

Jerking pain in one of the first molar teeth of the left upper row (first day),

Tickling in the teeth and of their roots, immediately after dinner (the fourth and fifth days),

Swelling of the gums,

Bleeding of the gums (fourth day),

Drawing pain in the gums, as if they were sore,


Thick mucus runs from the posterior nares into the mouth,

Dryness in the mouth, although saliva is not wanting; this causes frequent painful swallowing,

Increased secretion of saliva and mucus (first and second days),

The secretion of saliva becomes real ptyalism,

In the morning, spitting of much saliva and mucus,

Increased secretion of saliva, with a sense of contraction in the mouth, or with continual crawling upon the surface of the cheeks (after half an hour),

A large quantity of saliva accumulates in the mouth, when in bed in the evening (third day),

Constant collection of sweetish or sourish water in the mouth (fifth and eighth days),

Collection of much mucus in the mouth; on spitting it out it is continually formed, whilst the throat remains dry (first day),

Water in the mouth,

Frequent collection of watery saliva in the mouth; he is obliged to spit it out the whole day, most in the afternoon; never at night (after ten minutes, and second day),


Sense of roughness on the tongue (after three-quarters of an hour),

Crawling in the tongue (stinging, and transient) (one hour),

Itching in the tip of the tongue; he would like to scratch it to pieces (after fifth and seventh days),


Thick, badly smelling mucus on the teeth (fifth day),

On the gums of the left side of the lower row of teeth an ulcer forms, which opens immediately, and discharges blood which tastes saltish,

Tongue coated white, with a good taste,

Tongue coated yellowish-white, with bitter taste,

Musty, bad smell from the mouth,

Early in the morning, flat, metallic taste in the mouth (fourth and fifth days),

Sourish, saltish taste (first day),

Bitter, insipid taste in the mouth,

Bitter taste in the mouth (shortly after taking it),

Bitter and slimy taste in the mouth, in the morning on rising (five days),

Bitter taste in the evening, after having eaten apples,

Astringent acrid taste upon the tongue, as from eating sloes (one to eight days),

Taste in the mouth of blood, for half an hour (seven days),

Everything tastes flat,

Everything she eats seems tasteless, and not salted, especially in the evenings; bread tastes like sponge (first and second days),

Meat, especially, does not seem to have any taste,

Beer tastes bitter and nauseous; this causes retchings (twelve days),


Painfulness of the inner mouth, palate, tongue, gums; they feel so sore that he can scarcely eat,

On waking, the mouth is dry and the tongue sticks to the palate,

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