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Alumina - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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He feels light-spirited; the intellectual and physical powers appear to be excited (first day),

(He feels excessively contented),

He takes everything in the worse sense, and weeps and howls for hours (second day),

The boy weeps constantly against his will, for half an hour,

Depressed as with grief, early in the morning on waking; consciousness is not clear,

Depressed and friendless; he wishes only to be left alone, in the forenoon (the eighth day),

The person images only disagreeable, sad images (first day),

Involuntary sighings and groanings, as in great pain; he is not conscious of it,

He believes he will not be able to recover his health,

He feels low-spirited on account of his disease,

She is constantly possessed by bad thoughts, which oblige her to weep; at the same time she feels apprehensive and uneasy, as if something evil were to happen to her; everything that she only looks at, fills her with sadness (eleventh day),

Upon seeing blood, or knives, horrible thoughts throng her mind; she feels, for instance, as though she would commit suicide, although she has the greatest aversion to it,

Intolerable ennui, an hour seems to him half a day,

Serious, anxious mood,

Anxious, reflective, peevish mood,

Oppressive anxiety, attended with emptiness and confusion of the head, and pressure in the forehead (after twelve hours),

Anxiety, with external heat and uneasiness as if she had done something bad,

Anxiety, early in the morning, as though he were threatened with an epileptic fit,

Anxiety and fearfulness, as if he had committed a crime (fifth day),

Anguish, with much uneasiness, the whole day (second day),

Anxiety, with palpitation of the heart, and pulsations in some parts of the breast and abdomen (fourth day),

Uneasiness, in the evening, as though some evil were impending,

Extremely frightened, and starts upon hearing the least thing fall,

He is apprehensive of losing his thoughts, and his understanding,

Dissatisfied with everything, feels despairing,

Ill-humored and peevish; she is grumbling continually,

Not disposed for anything; nothing gives him pleasure,

Peevish, ill-humored; she is conscious of it, at one o'clock in the afternoon (first day),

Peevish and whining; the lobules of the ears are hot (after two days),

Extremely peevish and obstinate,

Is opposed to the wishes of other people,

She is excessively peevish, and everything is offensive to her; she desires nothing but to quarrel and make a fuss, in the afternoon (fifth day),

The person is greatly excited, overfatigued, and nevertheless discontented as if not enough had been done,

He sneers at everybody contemptuously,

Indifference, absence of mind, and peevishness,

His mood changes greatly,

Frequently changing mood during the day, sometimes assurance, sometimes timidity,

Increased animation alternating with absence of mind, during which one's thoughts, sight, and hearing, are indistinct, and have almost disappeared,

He constantly speaks wrong, choosing different expressions from those which he intended,

Want of attention in reading; the mind does not remain fixed on one object (first day),

Incapacity for connected thought,

Dulness of mind,

Inability and want of disposition for mental labor,

Great absence of mind and irresolution (second day),

Reluctance to any kind of employment (first day),

Want of disposition for any kind of labor, with ennui, in the forenoon,

The mind is occupied with a variety of objects, but not one of them leaves a distinct recollection in the mind (fourth day),

Absence of all power of recollection, and great weakness of memory,

Continual great weakness of memory,

Want of memory for many weeks,

Great forgetfulness,

Striking forgetfulness,

Great stupor, *with dread of falling forward,

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