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Alumina - Genitals Etc symptoms - Kent Lectures

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Genitals etc

"Feeling of weakness in the bladder and genitals."

An instance of this is the leucorrhoea; copious, acrid or excoriating, yellow leucorrhoea; leucorrhoea so copious that it runs down the thighs, making the parts red and inflamed.

Ulceration about the os. The mucous membranes are weak and patulous and ulcerate easily. All the parts are in a state of weakness.

There is dragging down from the relaxed condition of the ligaments. Sensation of weight; the pelvic viscera feel heavy. The discharge, stringy, looking like white of egg, copious and acrid; transparent mucus.

" Leucorrhoea, corroding, profuse; running down to heels."

It is more noticeable in the day time, because these complaints are generally worse when walking or when standing, which is not really an important symptom, but a common condition.

The patient is tired and worn out, and when you come to look at the whole patient and you see the paretic condition, the continued return of the discharge that has been palliated by remedies, think of this medicine in both the male and female.


The paralytic state runs through the remedy and is observed in various parts in many ways. The bladder manifests it in the slowness with which the urine passes.

A woman sits a long time before the flow starts, with inability to press, and then the stream flows slowly. The patient will say she cannot burry the flow of urine. The urine is slow to start and slow to flow, and sometimes only dribbles. At times it is retained and dribbles involuntarily.

There is also a catarrhal condition in the bladder, kidneys and urethra and an old gonorrhoea will be prolonged into a catarrhal or gleety discharge.

Bladder "Frequent micturition."

"Urine voided while straining at stool, or cannot pass urine without such straining"

That is a high grade symptom, it is a peculiar symptom, and may be called a particular of first grade. He must strain at stool in order to empty the contents of the bladder.

"Urine smarting, corroding."


"Swelling and discharge of light yellow pus from urethra."

"Burning with discharge of urine.''


Male The symptoms of the male sexual organs are characterized by weakness, impotency and nightly emissions; suitable when the sexual organs are worn out from abuse or over use.

There is fullness and enlargement of the prostate gland and various disturbances of the prostrate, with sensation of fullness in the perineum.

Unpleasant sensations and distress in the region of the prostate gland after coition. Complaints at the time of, or after ejaculation, or after an emission.

The sexual desire is diminished and sometimes entirely lost. Paralytic weakness or paresis of the sexual organs; a state that is in keeping with the whole remedy.

"Discharge of prostatic fluid during difficult stool."

"Painful erections at night."

The discharge is a painless one in the male. The gonorrhoeal discharge has lasted a long time, going and coming, until now there is left but a few drops and it is painless.


Sometimes it is not a gleet, but the discharge remains for many months and instead of its being a light milky white, such as is natural in most prolonged cases of gonorrhoea, it remains yellow and is painless. So it is with the vagina.

The mucous discharge from the vagina is thick yellowish-white discharge, sometimes excoriating. Thus we see, in the constitution we have described, that an extensive catarrhal state belongs to the remedy.

After menstruation it takes the woman nearly until the next period to get straightened up. All her muscles are weak.

there seems to be no tonicity about her. It is highly suitable to women drawing near the end of menstruation, about forty years of age.

the menstrual period prostrates, the flow is scanty, yet prostrating.

the sufferings are terrible and the patient is miserable at the menstrual period. After menses, exhausted in body and mind, is a strong feature of Alumina.

It is a suitable remedy again when the woman has a gonorrhoea which has been prolonged by palliation. She has been made comfortable by partly suitable remedies, but it seems that no remedy has been quite deep enough to root out the trouble, for it keeps coming back.

In a discharge that keeps returning, better for little while on Pulsatilla Pulsatilla, and on this and that and the other thing, and even on Thuja Thuja, given more especially because it is gonorrhoea than because she is a sick woman.

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