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Alumina - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hahnemann

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Strong urging to urinate.

Pressure and urging to urinate, without increased discharge (soon after taking the medicine).

Early on waking, an urging to urinate, with difficult and delayed passage of urine, which issues in a thin jet from the female urethra (7th. d.).

He has to rise several times at night to urinate (1st and 4th d.).

Much water-colored urine.

Increased secretion of urine for several days.

Frequent emission of (copious) pale urine (after burning in the urethra).

Increased quantity of pale (hot) urine with burning.

Emission of a quantity of straw-yellow, clear urine (4th, 5th d.).

Rare but copious micturition (6th d.).

Frequent micturition with scanty emission, in the evening (1st d.).

Diminished urine (in the morning), with cutting anteriorly in the urethra (4th, 5th, 6th d.).

A whole day without micturition or stool.

No urine in the forenoon, but in the afternoon frequent emission of an increased quantity of reddish urine, which becomes turbid over night and leaves a sediment (1st d.).

She emits very little urine, which leaves, as sediment, a red sand.

The urine, of a deep yellow color, soon deposits a large loose cloud (1st and 5th d.).

The urine, on standing, leaves a thick white sediment.

Pale urine with turbid sediment.

White, turbid urine, as if chalk had been stirred into it.

The stream of urine is twisted.

(A sort of fright when about to urinate.) .

While urinating, a burning sensation, like fire, much worse in the evening (1st d.).

(After rising for some time, he feels no discomfort while urinating, but when he takes some exercise the urine burns him.) .

(Cutting anteriorly in the urethra, while urinating and also for some time afterward, as if the urine ran over an inflamed spot (aft. 18 d.).

After micturition, the urethra becomes hot, then he has a burning sensation, and he has tenesmus of the bladder and rectum.

(After micturition, there is a long continued burning, which makes him ill-humored and discouraged.) .

(Involuntary micturition, almost twenty times a day, only a little being emitted at a time, with gonorrhoea) (aft. 4 w.).


Feeling of weakness in the bladder and the sexual organs, in the evening; he is afraid of wetting hi bed.


Itching burning in the urethra.

In the urethra and between the scrotum a pleasant, voluptuous itching.

Sensation of dryness in front in the urethra, as if the skin there were without sensation, especially in the morning.

Sensation of heat in the urethra which passes off by lying still.

Drawing from the glans through the urethra (aft. 5d.).


Formication on the glans.

Itching on the glans (4th d.).

(When stroking the penis there is felt a drawing, pinching pain extending to the glans; attended with a poor appetite.) .

Sensation as if the glans were squeezed together, for two minutes.

Secretion of much smegma behind the glans.

Contractive pain in the right spermatic cord, when the right testicle is drawn up and is also sensitive and painful. (2st d.).

The left testicle is hard and when touched there is an indescribable aching.

Itching on the scrotum, passing off by scratching (2d d.).

Frequent and violent erections and pollutions (aft. 3 and 33 d.).

Pollutions two nights in succession (aft. 15 d.).

The first four nights in succession, pollutions with voluptuous dreams.


On the left side of the vagina, a ticking pain as from a watch, with a pulsation as when pus is gathering in an ulcer, for 2 days, unchanged by any circumstances; but nothing could be felt or seen (36th d.).

Six days before the menses appeared, there was a strong glow of mucus from the vagina, with tremulousness, weariness and a sensation as if everything were falling out of her.

Yellow mucus flows from the vagina (aft. several d.)


Pressure on the sexual organs.

Tickling of the sexual organs and the thighs.

(Gonorrhoea over six weeks (aft. 14d.) with a severe and painful swelling of the inguinal glands, cutting pain during micturition and pain in the perinaeum, especially violent at the end of the second week; the pain in the perinaeum is particularly severe while standing, rising and sitting down.) .

Soreness on the inner surface of the foreskin.

It seems to lessen the sexual impulse and to increase the erections in the beginning, while in its after effects the inclination for coition is increased, but the erections are lacking.

Lack of the sexual instinct (at once, for several days).

Indifference to sexual intercourse.

During the first weeks increased sexual distinct, but after that, it is lessened and quieted.

Many erections in the evening and night while lying down, and in the afternoon while sitting down (1st, 3d d.).

In the night priapism.

(In the night while waking, almost continuous painful erections, which are imperfect, but cause a sensation as if the member were festering, with short, fine, piercing stitches in the whole member, like jerks) (aft. 4 w.).

Almost every other night, pollution with voluptuous dreams.

Pollution during the noon siesta.

After a pollution, all the former ailments are renewed and much aggravated (2d d.).

At the beginning of coition as well as during erections, a violent pressure on the perinaeum.

During coition, pressure in the perinaeum.

(The seed emitted in coition is thick and lumpy like jelly.) .

Jerking stitches on the left side of the pudenda up into the breast.


The leucorrhoea (which had been flowing before) ceased.

Frequent acrid leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea like bloody water in the afternoon, while walking in the open air (and while sitting down), and also at night.

Severe leucorrhoea of transparent mucus, but only during the daytime, without pain and without colic.

Leucorrhoea, quite transparent and clear like water, and like transparent mucus, stiffening the shift (aft. 8 d.).

Itching in the pudenda during the leucorrhoea.


Menses very scanty and only 3 days.

Menses in diminished quantity and very pale (aft. 3d d.).

Menses too early (by 3, 11 days), also too short and scanty.

The menses ought to have appeared 10 days before, but did not appear; only one day (aft. 52 d.) during a walk, when there was an urging to urinate, a little dark-colored bloody water passed, then nothing more; the menses only appeared in the 3d month (with a woman of 48 years).

The menses which had gradually ceased, reappear (aft. 17 d.).

The menses (aft. 9 d.) in diminished quantity; but 4 weeks later (aft. 37 d.) in great abundance.

The menses appeared 5 days earlier, very strong on the 2d day, and lasted as usual for 8 days; preceded by colic; on the 6th day diarrhoea.

Before the appearance of the menses, disturbed sleep, many dreams, and when she wakes from them, she has rushes of blood, heat in the face, headache and palpitations.

Several days before the appearance of the menses, colic during stools, as if preceding diarrhoea, also griping, twisting and pressure, as if from labor-pains.

During the menses, colic and great weariness than usual.

During the menses distention of the abdomen and excessive flow of blood.

The menses having appeared on the 6th day without any trouble, there came on the second day a flowing coryza with pain in the nose, the head and the forehead, increased by blowing the nose; during the last days diarrhoea and colic were added (aft. 2 d.).

During the menses she was obliged to urinate frequently, which corroded the genital organs (6th d.).

Violent headache before the menses, which set in 4 days too early, the headache ceased when the menses appeared, but it reappeared after they had flowed for one day, and continued during the whole period; the flow was weaker than usual and lasted 5 days (aft. 22 d.).

The menses leave behind, after their course, considerable prostration of mind and body; a little work and a moderate walk exhaust her and she feels low-spirited.

Leucorrhoea after the menses, painless, lasting 3 days (aft. 27 d.).

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