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Alumina - Fever And Chill symptoms - Hahnemann

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Fever and chill

Chilly, shudders by the warm stove (15th d.).

In the evening from 7 to 8, a chill, so that she has to go to bed from cold, but can not for a long time get warm even in bed (5th d.).

Very sensitive to cold air, especially in the feet.

Internal chill and shuddering, with a desire for the warm stove, and extending and stretching the limbs, worse after warm drinks.

Chilly feeling in the open air.

Chilly over the whole body; the feet are like ice the whole day, with heat in the head, also in the room (1st d.).

With an internal chill, external warmth, especially in the cheeks, with dark redness of the same as with brandy drinkers.

With an external chill, hot cheeks and cold hands.

Chilliness, constant eructations, bitter taste in the mouth, frequent gathering of saliva, great lassitude and headache as if the head would split, especially above in the vertex, with vertigo (alleviated by a dose of Ipecacuanha Ipecac) (34th d.).

Shudderings one after another, in the evening (2d d.).

Every other day, feverish shudderings over the whole body, toward evening, without thirst, with lack of appetite, sleeplessness and restless tossing in bed.

In the evening, feverish movements, shuddering and chilliness, aggravated by the least movement, and only now and then a transient flush of the face (1st d.).

Evening fever; severe chill about 5 o'clock, especially in the back and the feet, so that she could not get warm by the warm stove; after ½ hour, perspiration without thirst (6th, 7th d.).

Evening fever, chill and heat, frequently alternating, with a hot face and chills and shuddering in the rest of the body.

Internal chilliness, with hot hands and hot lobes of the ear (aft. 2 h.).

After ½ hour's chilliness, heat of the body and perspiration of the face.

Pleasant, transient warmth in the right side of the face, in the afternoon (5th d.).

Sudden flush of the face, with redness, but only transient (5th d.).

Sensation in the body as after having been violently heated, while sitting (the first days).

In the evening, heat in the whole body for 2 hours; it seems to start from the head (5th d.).

Feverish weariness, with internal heat.

Towards evening, heat in the whole body, especially in the feet, then a shaking chill, so that she had to go to bed, where she soon went to sleep; neither in the heat not in the chill, any thirst or other trouble (11th d.).

Heat before midnight, keeping him from going to sleep.

Distressing heat at night and perspiration.

Sudden heat, with perspiration and distressing palpitation.

In the morning, if she remains in bed after 6 o'clock, she begins to perspire, for several mornings (aft. 9 d.).

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