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Alumina - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Tearing pains at various times in the arms and in all parts of the same, in the shoulders, the axillae, upper arms, elbows, forearms, etc.

Tearing in the arms, from the upper arms to the fingers, and from the fingers and wrists into the shoulders.

Paralytic bruised pains in the arms, at times in the small of the back, from the right upper arm to the left fore-arm and vice versa.

Great weariness in the arms, which he can hardly raise up (3d d.) .

Weariness of the arms.

Great tiredness in one arm.

Sensation of tightness in the arm as from cold.

From time to time heat in the right arm, sensible even externally.

Burning (with tension) in the arms (the upper arms) and the fingers, and in the left elbow, as from a red-hot iron.

Swelling (soft, red) on the arm, and violent stitches therein.

Itching on all parts of the arms, passing off through scratching.

Pain as if from a sprain, in the upper arm.

Drawing pain in the left humerus (2d d.).

Tearing pain at the back part of the upper arm extending into the shoulder-blades, while sneezing and coughing.

Stitches in the muscles of the left upper arm (aft. several h.).

(Lancinating) tearing in the upper arm and in the elbow, as if in the bone, in the forenoon.

Lancinating pain in the elbow and wrist, as if from a sprain.

Almost constant boring pain in the point of the elbow.

Pain above the point of the elbow, especially on leaning upon it, as from a sharp pressure in the upper arm.

In the fore-arm an aching drawing pain, while at rest.

Drawing, tearing pain in the fore-arm even to the hand, in the morning on awaking.

Painful tearing in the fore-arm, as if in the bone, for one minute, thrice.

Tearing in the fore-arms into the wrists and the fingers.

Constant visible twitching or quivering on the right fore-arm and on the posterior joint of the left thumb.

Extraordinary heaviness in the fore-arms and hands, while her arms seem to her to be shorter.

His left fore-arm goes to sleep every day; there is a pricking sensation in it from the hand to the elbow.

On waking up, the right hand is asleep.

The left wrist is sensitive, so that he cannot lift up anything without the greatest pains.

Distended veins on the hands, in the afternoon and evening.

Itching on the palms and the back of the hands and between the fingers, passing away on scratching.

After violent itching of the hands, the skin peels off like bran, on the 3d day; at the same time there appears behind the left thumb and index-finger a little red spot which burns violently, but only for one day.

Continual disagreeable coldness of the hands.

Rough, chapped hands, bleeding-finger a sensation, as if sprained.

On the right index-finger a sensation, as if sprained.

The middle fingers pain on being moved.

Drawing pain in the thumb and index.

Tearing in and between the fingers.

The left thumb went to sleep twice in the afternoon, and then for a long time there was a crawling sensation in it.

Formication in the fingers of the right hand, with burning stitches as from ants, in the evening (6th d.).

Gnawing under the nails of the fingers, with formication up the arms, up to the clavicle.

Swelling of the fingers.

Itching on and between the fingers, passing off by scratching.

Itching on the fingers of the right hand, aggravated by scratching and rubbing.

Itching about the posterior joints of the fingers, aggravated by rubbing, which causes an unbearable pain in the bones of the fingers.

Formication burning itching between the index and middle finger of the left hand.

Inclination to festering in the tips of the fingers; there appears there a white suppurating spot with lancinating pains, which, however, also passes away again without breaking open.

A scar on the finger, caused by a cut 9 years ago at a dissection, begins to itch (9th-12th d.).

Extreme brittleness of the finger nail; they break off when about to be cut.

Pain in the right hip-joint.

Tearing pain above both the hips and on the upper border of the pelvis.

Tearing in the hip-bone.

Stitches in the right region of the pelvis.

Stitches in the left hip, which branch off into the small of the back into the flanks, and return at the inspiration.

Cutting as with a knife across the right nates, in the forenoon (2d d.).

In sitting, the nates go to sleep.

Pain in the left hip as if bruised, aggravated by pressure, in the morning (4th d.).

Tearing and stitches in the hip-joint and immediately above the knee, in paroxysms.

Furuncle on the right hip, terminating in suppuration.

Pain in the legs and loins while moving.

After walking, pain in the legs and loins, preventing her from sleeping.

Drawing in the legs.

Tearing in the legs, both the thighs and the legs, while sitting and lying down, especially at night.

In the thighs and the legs long continued straining downwards, almost like cramp; lasting only a few minutes, but returning frequently.

Gnawing pain in the legs.

For several evenings, about 7 o'clock, restlessness in the legs for ½ hour, before she went to sleep.

Heaviness in the legs, so that she can scarcely lift them.

Great weight in the lower limbs, so that he can hardly drag them along; he staggers in walking, and has to sit down; in the evening (5th d.).

Great weariness of the legs, while sitting down.

Burning and smarting itching, passing off by scratching, on the thighs.

Itching (and a fine eruption) on the inside of the right thigh.

Pain in the left hough, the boy cannot stand well upon his foot.

At night, violent pain in the hough down to the heel.

A sensation of pressure into the left hough, while walking, after rising from being seated.

Drawing pain in the houghs while ascending the stairs, but not while descending.

Drawing pain in both knees on ascending the stairs, but not while merely bending or touching them.

Pain in the patella, but only when pressing upon it with the hand and when flexing the knee-joint.

Jerking, sharp pressure from without inward on the patella.

Tearing in the knees and patellae.

In the evening before going to sleep, a lancinating, tearing pain in the knee.

Dull tearing on the inside of the left knee, in the evening (19th d.).

Violent tearing from the knees downward out at the toes, with a sensation of swelling at the knee; in the afternoon till evening (relieved by walking) (21st d.).

Stitches in the left knee, only while sitting, passing away when walking in the open air.

Stitches and tearing in the right knee, in the evening (1st d.).

Painful boring in the right knee (aft. 2 h.).

Cracking of the right knee in walking.

Trembling of the knees.

The knees appear to her larger during the pains.

Weariness of the legs, especially in the middle of the tibiae, as if bruised; while standing and walking, when it is worst, she feels like sinking down; (diminished while sitting and lying down), especially in the evening.

Pain as from bruises on the right tibia, especially during motion.

In the evening in bed, stitches in the right tibia.

Lancinating, cramp-like pain in the right leg, with a feeling of numbness during the siesta while sitting, and also after awaking.

Tearing in the legs at various times.

Tearing drawing in the leg, extending from the external ankle.

In the evening, tearing in the tendo Achillis of both legs (5th d.).

Keen, drawing pain in the tendo Achillis while at rest, not while walking.

Painless drawing down in both calves (aft. 2h.).

Tearing in the calves.

In walking, the muscles of the calves seem too short, they feel strained (aft. 20h.).

Tensive pain on the inside of the calves, while walking.

Tension (and burning) on the outside of the right calf, in the evening (2d d.).

The (previously existing) tension in the calves (the soles of the feet and the toes, in cramps and paralysis of the legs) is much increased and includes the knee, so that he cannot keep erect; then a burning, lancinating and sometimes also a cutting pain in the calves and the soles (1st d.).

Repeated cramp of the calves.

When she puts one foot across the other, or steps upon her toes, she is every time immediately seized with painful cramps of the calves.

Cramps in the calves, as if the tendons were too short after rising from his seat; passing off when walking, before that his legs suddenly became so weary that he was afraid to rise, in the afternoon (2d d.).

Painless beating or throbbing in the left calf, like a pulsation, in the morning (4th d.).

Violent formication in both calves, as from ants, after supper (5th d.).

Itching of the calves.

Sensation in the left heel as if it were being pressed together from both sides (2d d.).

Tearing in the feet and ankles at various times.

Heaviness in the feet, with tearing.

Heaviness in the feet, with great weariness in the legs (3 d.).

The right foot goes to sleep with formication.

Painful drawing below the ankles (10th d.).

Pain in the bones on the dorsum of the foot, on touching, with itching of those parts (1st d.).

On trying to step upon the foot, intense stitches in the ankle of the right foot and violent cutting from the left big toe into the heel, so that he is unable to step on his foot (2d d.).

Numbness of the heel on stepping on his foot.

Stitching (tickling) and pricking sensation in the soles of the feet.

Itching in the sole of the foot.

Tickling itching in the sole of the foot.

Burning stitches in the sole of the right foot, in the evening and morning, passing off after rubbing.

Tension in the sole of the foot, in the forenoon (2d d.).

Painful sensitiveness of the sole of the right foot.

Pain in the sole of the foot, when stepping on it, as if it were too soft and swollen.

The hard skin of the sole of the foot is very sensitive to the touch and causes, even of itself, violent pressive pain.

The old, hard skin on the feet becomes very sensitive.

Excoriating stitches in the corns.

An ulcer on the sole of the foot, which had almost healed, causes a lancinating pain on stepping on it in the room, after walking in the open air.

Lancinating pain in the ball of the great toe.

Burning lancinations in the left big toe, near the nail, at night.

Cutting in the right big toe, as if he were walking on knives, in the morning while walking (4th d.).

Formication in the big toe, as if it had been frozen (2d d.).

Itching of the toes after staying in the cold air.

Itching of the toes and feet when getting warm in walking; this ceases immediately after the walk (aft. 30 d.).

Itching, with shining redness of the big toes; painful on external pressure (aft. 4 d.).

Itching of the toes, with redness as if they had been frozen, worse after scratching, in the evening (3d, 4th, 16th d.).

Tetters between the toes.

Corns are very painful.

Drawing in the limbs.

Tension in the dorsum of the feet and hands, like burning, as if from a swelling.

Continual burning and stitches in the anus, with stiffness of the back, so that she cannot move well.

(Dull, pressive pains in the bones, especially of the legs, the chest and the back.)

Tearing in the left shoulder-blade, in the arms, the hands and the legs, especially in the evening (3d d.).

Pains darting quick as lightning in the right shoulder, the small of the back and the abdomen; then as if bruised (2d d.).

Pain as from a bruise in the loins, above the hips, and in the muscles of the calves in walking.

Pain as from a bruise in the back and all the limbs as in fever and ague.

On entering the room after walking in the open air, there is oppression and nausea during speaking.

After walking in the open air, excessive cheerfulness and a staring look; then, with every motion, a cold shudder and perspiration with chilliness about the head; when going to bed the head, the hands and feet are hot.

During bodily exertions a rush of heat over the whole body, then shaking and chilly shuddering, with a burning sensation in the abdomen.

During bodily labor, a cramp-like sensation like numbness up the whole of the left leg, so also in the left arm, with a reeling stupefaction of the head, in intermittent attacks (14th d.).

All the muscles feel as if paralyzed.

In the morning, paralytic weakness in all the limbs, with stupefaction of the head in paroxysms of several minutes (10th d.).

Rigidity in the hands and feet, as if they were asleep, early on awaking; after rising and walking about, it passed away.

The ring finger and the little finger, also the knee and lastly the heel, go to sleep after sitting.

Slow, tottering gait, as after a severe illness.

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