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Alumina - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Oxide of Aluminum, Argilla, Aluminium Oxydatum, Aluminum, Alum.

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HPUS indication of Alumina: Constipation

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Alumina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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When stooping, the liver is always sensitive and painful,

Tearings in the liver,

Tearing, extending from the right hypochondriac region into the hip, in the forenoon (first day),

Upon rising from a stooping position, violent stitches in the right side of the abdomen, as if in the liver, with arrest of breathing (eleventh day),

Stitches in the right hypochondriac region when standing; they disappear when sitting,

In the evening, continually painful stitches under the left lower ribs, extending as far as the pit of the stomach (fifth day),

Dull stitches occurring alternately under the left lower ribs, and in the right side of the abdomen (fourth day),

Stitches in both hypochondriac regions,

Sensation as if both hypochondriac regions were forcibly pressed or screwed towards each other, in the forenoon (first day),

Long-continued burning, and stitches in the right hypochondriac region, as if it were deeply cut into by a hand, in the afternoon (first day),

Frequently an instantaneous drawing pain under the right ribs, when sitting or walking,

In the evening, pinching around the navel (first day),

During the usual breakfast, there is pinching below the navel, with fulness and distension of the abdomen (first day),

Worrying around the navel, as after a cold, in the afternoon (second day),

Pressure in the umbilical region with stitches, in the afternoon, when standing,

Both sides of the upper abdomen seems to press towards each other; the place is externally painful to the touch (after two hours),

Painful distension of the abdomen at night, which prevents her sleeping; with retention of stool (eleventh day),

Great distension of the abdomen, with empty eructation and two soft evacuations, without relief (eighteenth day),

The abdomen is distended and very hard, without any sensation of pain,

During the menses, bloated abdomen, and too large flow of blood,

Grumbling in the abdomen, with anxious restlessness, without any flatulency passing off; the small stool does not relieve (first day),

Much audible rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen,

Loud grumbling in the abdomen, also after eating,

Rumbling in the abdomen, succeeded by eructations,

Moving to and fro, and painless clutching in the abdomen (after half an hour),

Early, before breakfast, spasmodic pain from the bladder to the chest, disappears after breakfast,

Sensation of distension, as if the abdomen became more and more full, after supper (fifth day),

Feeling of coldness in the abdomen, in the afternoon,

Sudden sensation of burning in the abdomen, in the afternoon,

Sudden pinching in the abdomen here and there; it then passes to the small of the back, were it produces a gnawing pain for a long time, in the afternoon (sixteenth day),

Pinching in the abdomen, with heat in the stomach (after one hour),

Pinching in the abdomen, in the evening, when in bed; it terminates in a flow of saliva in the mouth (second and third day),

On waking, pinching in the abdomen, and tenesmus; she was scarcely able to reach the privy, where she had to lean against the wall in a fainting fit; she had no stool, but the pain in the abdomen ceased after much tenesmus (twelfth day),

In the afternoon and night, pinching pain and tearing stitches in the left side of the abdomen, extending to the hypochondriac region and the sternum (seventh day),

Towards evening, colic-like pinching and tearing in the abdomen, with chilliness in the body; relieved by application of warm cloths,

During the menses, pinching in the abdomen, and greater lassitude than usual,

Flatulent colic,

Violent pinching in the abdomen after every cold she takes, or as soon as she goes into the cold air,

Pinching and writhing in the abdomen (after one hour),

At midnight, is roused from sleep by violent pinching and rumbling in the abdomen; this ceases towards morning (after twelve days),

Drawing pain in the abdomen,

Pressure and heaviness in the abdomen,

His abdomen seems to hang down heavily, for two hours, in the afternoon, in walking,

Continual pressure and burning in the abdomen,

Pressive and sticking pain in the abdomen, after eating (fifth day),

Stitches moving about in the abdomen and the hypochondria, as if something would press out (seventh day),

Tearing in the os innominatum,

Sense as of tearing in the abdomen, mornings after rising,

A few days before the appearance of the menses, she has cutting pains in the abdomen during an evacuation, as if she were to have diarrhoea; with pinching, writhing, and pressing, like labor-pains,

Pain in both sides of the abdomen, as if something would tear on physical exertion; it extends to the thighs,

Tension of the abdominal muscles, from reaching high,

Sharp cutting and burning in the hypogastric region, the whole forenoon, till evening,

Pulsative pain in the left side of the abdomen, in the neighborhood of the abdominal ring, when sitting (fourth day),

Shootings, causing fright, in the left side of the abdomen (second day),

Shortly after eating, acute pressive pain in the left side of the abdomen,

Pain in the abdomen, as after a copious evacuation, which leaves a desire for stool behind (after ten days),

Pain in the upper abdomen, as if threatened with diarrhoea, succeeded by soft stools, without any diminution of the pain (eleventh day),

Frequently cutting in the abdomen, without distension or stool (second day),

Upon sitting bent, acute cutting pains transversely across the abdomen (after five hours),

Violent cutting and rumbling in the whole abdomen; the pain rises up to the stomach, like a violent twisting; succeeded by an intensely pressive pain in the chest, which arrests the breathing, from four in the afternoon till eleven at night,

Inguinal hernia protrudes with violence (after half an hour),

Hernia did not protrude in the first days; then it protruded every day until the twelfth day; on the thirtieth day, hernia threatened to become strangulated; then it protruded every day until the fiftieth day, although the protrusion diminished from day to day, and finally ceased for several months,

Hernia protruded a good deal towards evening; became constricted in the lumbar region with the most violent pain, which obliged her to bend her body, and did not allow her to walk; the hernia could not be reduced; half and hour afterwards, when sitting quietly, reduction took place of its own accord (thirty days),

Pinching and stitches in the groins and the lumbar regions (on ascending the stairs),

In the abdominal muscles, over the left groin, a drawing pain for a quarter of an hour, when she is dancing or walking fast,

Pressing in both groins towards the sexual organs, in the evening (third day),

Sensation in the right ilium as of both sides being pressed together with a vise (first day),

Sticking pressive pain in the region of the abdominal ring, as if a hernia would press out there, with tension as far as the side of the abdomen, at the same time a tumor may be felt at the painful spot, which feels like a strangulated hernia,

Stitches in the right iliac region,


Fulness of the abdomen, with orgasm extending towards the chest, after dinner, for several days (after third day),

Much badly smelling flatus, which passes off quietly in the night, and after dinner (one to seven days),

Pinching in the abdomen, after every meal, at noon, and in the evening (after twenty-nine days),

Rapid hunger; he is panting for his dinner, and can scarcely await it,

She has no aversion to food, but no desire to eat; on looking at the food she is already satisfied; she could go a whole day without eating (for many days),

Strong appetite for vegetables, fruit, and soft food,

No desire to eat, no appetite, no hunger; food does not taste badly, but it does not taste at all; everything tastes like straw or shavings,

Little hunger and no appetite for many days, even when he eats nothing at dinner (one to fifteen days),

Very thirsty the whole day, also at dinner,

Rancid eructations, especially after dinner (ten to thirteen days),

Hiccough after dinner, also after eructations from the breakfast soup (one to two days),

Pain at the stomach; it feels full or bloated; painful to external touch; empty eructations and fermentations, or loud rumbling and rollings in the abdomen, as of something working therein, after dinner (one to five days),

After dinner, drawing in the stomach; this caused a sensation of tension in the whole body, which made her so tired that she was obliged to lie down,

Gnawing in the region of the stomach, awhile after dinner (two to three days),

After dinner, stitches in the stomach and chest, coming out at the shoulder, with short breathing and great anguish; for several hours in the evening (after twelve days),


Distension and rumbling without passage of flatus,

Much rumbling flatus in the abdomen; however, it passes off freely, with a feeling of weakness of the sphincter ani,

Frequent desire to emit flatulence,

Emission of flatulence, which relieves the sense of fulness of the stomach, in the evening (fifth day),

Loud emission of flatulence,


Violent pain in the left side of the abdomen, as if an ulcer were forming, with nausea (thirty-fourth day),

When standing, she becomes nauseated,

Nausea, even to fainting; her breathing is arrested on account of it at night,

Nausea as soon as 4 o'clock in the morning,

After supper, nausea, loathing, and weariness, for several evenings,

Qualmishness at the stomach, with faint-like nausea and vertigo; the room turns round with her; after this, her head remains confused (ten days),

Frequent nausea, especially during the chills,

Nausea, with rising of air,

Nausea and chilliness the whole day,

Early in the morning, faint-like nausea; after breakfast, relieved (nine days),

On waking in the morning, nausea, qualmishness, and lassitude, with stickings over the eyes, and pain in the kidneys during motion (nine days),

She wakes in the morning with nausea and qualmishness at the stomach, and physical depression, as if sleep had not recruited her, accompanied by a quick feverish pulse, with internal heat (three days),

Violent nausea and tremor after supper,

After having eaten potatoes, the stomach aches; sick feeling, nausea, and then colic,


Aversion to meat, even unto vomiting, for three days (after six days),

Frequent nausea, as if he would vomit; his appetite is, nevertheless, tolerably good,

Inclination to vomit in the morning,

In the morning, retching in the throat, as if one would vomit,

Inclination to vomit after eructation of air, with chilliness of the body, which rises from the feet into the abdomen,

Nausea, with an inclination to vomit, and retching; this caused her to put her finger into the throat, after which she vomited phlegm and water, but the breakfast, which she had eaten two hours before, remained (fourteen days),

Attack of nausea, with headache, paleness of the face, want of appetite, several evacuations of the bowels, loathing, subsequent inclination to vomit, creeping chilliness; after a walk he is obliged to lie down (eleven days),


He is always hungry; could always be eating,

Very hungry,

She is hungry, but she eats nothing with relish,

He has no appetite, and eats with reluctance,

Diminished appetite, with fulness of the abdomen,

Aversion to meat,

Aversion to the usual smoking,

Smoking does not relish, and intoxicates him, for four days,

Smoking does not agree with him,

Frequent empty eructations (after two hours),

Empty eructations after supper (two days),

Frequent eructations tasting of milk-soup which he had taken, from supper until he lay down,

Eructations, with pressive pain in the chest, while eating (after three-quarters of an hour),

Bitter eructations after eating potatoes; he feels a loathing which makes him shiver; in the evening (five days),

Rancid eructations, leaving a burning in the throat for a long while (one day),

Rancid eructations after breakfast soup,

Acrid eructations,

Sour eructations, in the evening, when in bed,

Sour eructations, with burning in the throat, like heartburn, (one day),

In the forenoon, acidity rises into his mouth; it continues for a long time, and is attended with a sensation of heat in the mouth,


Gulping up of sour mucus; afterwards, burning in the throat, like heartburn, coming on frequently, especially after the soup for breakfast,

Sweetish risings from the stomach; the phlegm which he throws up tastes sweetish, continues a long time, early in the morning (three days),

Hiccough after eating, at noon and in the evening,

Loathing and qualmishness in the oesophagus (one hour),

Disagreeable sensation of hunger and emptiness in the stomach, without, however, much appetite,

Violent pain in the stomach, with sensitiveness to external pressure in the region of the stomach in the evening (six days),

Sensation of coldness in the stomach, as if she had been drinking cold water, in the evening; also in the forenoon, after an eructation, and while some eructations are continually taking place; in the afternoon; it passes off (two to five days),

Heartburn after drinking water,

Heartburn after supper,

Heartburn, with profuse discharge of water from the mouth,

Sensation of pinching at the stomach, in the afternoon (one day),

Drawing pain at the stomach,

Pressure and constriction in the region of the stomach (thirty-one days),

Pressure and soreness transversely across the stomach and upper abdomen, in the afternoon,

Disagreeable pressure in the region of the stomach before the evacuations had taken place (nine days),

Oppression at the stomach upon eating, although she eats with relish,

Oppression at the stomach, extending up to the throat, after having eaten potatoes; eructations relieves, in the morning (eight days),

Oppression in the stomach, towards noon or evening,

Griping in the pit of the stomach, in the evening, when in bed,

Drawing pain from the pit of the stomach, up into the pharynx, with difficult breathing,

Violent pressure at the pit of the stomach, and from thence great oppression of the chest; she was obliged to stand still every moment, and was unable to walk further,

Sensation of pressure and constriction at the pit of the stomach, extending into the chest and between the scapulae (thirteen days),

Pressure and crawling at the pit, as from a worm (after two hours),

Twisting and constriction in the region of the stomach, extending into the chest and throat, attended with difficult breathing,

Sensation of cutting in the region of the stomach; it is painful to the touch, in the afternoon (two days),

Stitches in the pit of the stomach and of the chest,

After an evacuation, and during the period of digestion, he experiences a sense of scraping in the stomach and the mouth,

Ulcerative soreness at the pit of the stomach, early in the morning, on turning in the bed,

Tearing sore pain from the pit of stomach down into the abdomen, as if everything would be torn out,

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