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Aloe Socotrina - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Severe burning in the rectum,

Sensation of heat and burning in the rectum,

Heat, soreness, sense of heaviness in the rectum,

Heat in the rectum and anus when the faeces pass,

During slight distension of the abdomen and pleasant crawling of the bowels, three diarrhoeic stools; the last with burning in the rectum, haemorrhoidal pains, and much flatus (after seventeen hours),

In most cases, troublesome heaviness in the lower part of the abdomen, and active irritation at the end of the intestine; sometimes copious evacuations of blood, as if they were really haemorrhoids, when they had not previously existed (Trousseau and Pidoux).

Cutting pains in the rectum, with the passage of a solid stool (ten o'clock, evening of twentieth day),

Stinging in the rectum,

Dragging in the rectum, near the anus,

In the rectum, sensation as if loose,

Pains in the loins, producing an annoying sensation in the rectum,

It furthers the circulation of blood towards the pelvic region, it excites the vessels of the rectum and sexual organs (Richter).

Burning in the anus,

Burning at the anus after stool,

Itching and burning in the anus, painful in the highest degree, prevents his sleeping for a long time,

Burning in the anus; a kind of sore feeling, with increased itching around the anus, and an increased evacuation the third day (in two brothers, from fifty to sixty years old, after repeated doses),

The evacuations which Aloes produced are of a bilious character; the diarrhoea which it causes is (with the exception of the debility) similar to a bilious diarrhoea, combined with burning in the anus,

Burning pain in the anus after a hard evacuation,

Burning in the anus continuing a long time, after the passage of hot flatus (first and third days),

Tenesmus and burning heat in the anus,

Sticking, cutting pains in the anus, following stool,

Stitches from the anus into the loins, and into the abdomen,

On walking, after the morning stool, many drawing stitches in the anus, more on the left side and forward to the region of the prostate gland and vesiculae seminales (eleventh day),

Fulness and pressing out in the anus,

The not too hard faeces prick quite severely in the anus, as if it would tear it forwards; afterwards, a continued pain in the anus, which compelled him to draw it together frequently, whereby it becomes tense and aches (third day),

The tenesmus is peculiar; an unpleasant sensation in the anus, as if more stool would follow, which must be held back on account of the soreness; yet, on account of this pain, he does not dare to draw the anus together as usual,

Pain in the anus; relieved by beer,

Strong pulsating in the anus, while sitting, after dinner,

Ulcers on the edge of the anus (a.a.).

Weakness, or loss of power of sphincter ani, which is incompletely closed after a stool, so that keeping the anus clean was difficult,

Evacuation of blood from the anus,

Copious discharge of blood from the anus, though without haemorrhoidal tumors (Trousseau).

Blood passes after the stool,

Some loss of blood at stool, as if haemorrhoids were coming on,

Passage of very much blood with the stool, with severe pain in the loins,

Passage of blood from the anus (Fallopius).

Sense of fulness, like congestion, of the protruded strangulated haemorrhoids; later, an indefinite urgency to stool, and a second small stool, which was entirely unusual, whereby the haemorrhoids protrude very much, and pain, as if sore and chapped in the anus (after three hours, forenoon),

Swelling of the haemorrhoids; they pain as if raw,

Soft piles at the anus itch evening and morning (eighteenth day),

After rising, a hard, small, tough stool, with sore pains in the haemorrhoids, some of which are still protruded (nineteenth day),

Continual smarting of the haemorrhoids, even during rest, on sitting and lying, as if rubbed raw (twenty-second day),

Haemorrhoids very sensitive, on wiping after the stool. (twenty-third day),

In the morning, the piles in the anus are small and little sensitive; through the day more swollen and sensitive; sometimes stitches therein and itching (twenty-fourth day),

In the afternoon, much itching in the piles and anus generally (twenty-second day),

Towards evening, on rising from sitting, many fine, sensitive stitches in the haemorrhoids, so also later in the evening, when sitting (twentieth day),

Twenty-four hours' relief with the haemorrhoids; on that day, for the first time, much blood with the stool,

If cold water applications afford relief from the haemorrhoids, an indication for Aloes?

Soft, painless, varicose tumors on the perineum (fourteenth day),

On a walk of two miles, the perineum became very sore, which otherwise seldom happened in five or six miles (fourteenth day),

Urgency to stool on passing water at night (tenth and eleventh days),

Urgency to stool at times in the evening, which he can overcome (sixth day),

Unusual urgency and haste to an evacuation,

He feels continually as if he thought to go to stool,

A feeling like urgency to stool in the rectum near the anus, more toward the perineum (after triturating it),

Frequent urgings (the first hours),

Urgings, without evacuation (Sundelin).

Frequent urgings,

Frequent urgings, without stool (third day),

Frequent inclination for a stool,

Copious urgings (soon after taking two grains, with sugar of milk),

Urging; wakes at night many times, ; driving out of bed at six o'clock,

A frequent transient urging (second day),

Sometimes there is sudden urging, which passes off just as suddenly,

At eight o'clock in the evening, sudden urging, passing away just as rapidly; at nine o'clock, diarrhoea,

Sudden urgency in the morning, on rising,

Urging and straining, yet only flatus passes off,

Compelled to stool, and only passage of flatus,

Urging to stool, and hunger, in the morning,

Urgency, with a feeling of softness, without stool (first day),

Urgency, with movings about in the abdomen,

At night, frequent, sudden urging, with gurgling in the lower abdomen, passing off again just as suddenly (first day),

Urgency to stool, with passage of urine,

Urgency to stool immediately after eating (fifteenth day),

Many times a day, urgency, as with diarrhoea, only hot flatus passes with great relief; but it soon returns, with a sensation as of a plug wedged in between the symphysis pubis and the os coccygis (second day),

Frequent urgency to stool, with a sensation of heaviness in the pelvis (first day),

Ineffectual efforts for stool, with feeling of debility,

Fruitless straining, and severe tenesmus in the rectum, and passage of vigorous, easily escaping flatus,

Tenesmus (Honigsberger).

Ineffectual tenesmus,

Very frequent tenesmus,

Straining, with cessation of stool,

Straining and burning in the rectum,

Urgency and straining; then, after a few minutes, a liquid evacuation, with some blood and bloody mucus,

Urging the whole day; stool at evening,

Every time, on passing urine, the feeling as if some thin stool would escape with it (third day),

With the stool there is always a feeling as if still more were at hand (sixth day),

A troublesome feeling as if still more would come, after a thin, pappy stool (sixteenth day),

Usually wakes in the morning with severe urging to stool, which still persists after a copious evacuation,

On rising, hasty urging to stool, with continued rumbling in the abdomen; sputtering with the stool (second day),

Urging, as for a solid stool, which was soft,

Sudden urgency, with a liquid stool,

Urgency to stool in the afternoon and evening; at nine in the evening, a second indolent passage (fifth day),

Pressing, with much pressing, small and soft (evening of third day),

Griping before the diarrhoea; tenesmus therewith,

Frequent griping before the stool; therewith, for the most part, flatulence, sometimes also straining at stool.

Fear lest a stool should escape with flatus,

While passing urine, a feeling as if some thin stool would escape with it,

Every time, on passing wind, the feeling as if some thin stool would escape with it (third day),

Must take care that he does not have an involuntary stool when passing flatus (twelfth day),

The stool passes without his needing to make any exertion, it falls, as it were, out of the intestines (third day),

An inert stool, "the stool falls out,"

Some faeces pass contrary to will, with passage of flatus,

Thin, almost involuntary stool,

The faeces escape almost without being noticed,

Involuntary stool, with passage of flatus,

Faeces and urine will pass together, ; they escape together,

It always colors the stool yellow (Boerhaave),

The stool on the following morning is golden-yellow (after the fourth),

Green stools (in an infant),

Undigested stools, with traces of blood,

Bilious evacuations,

Evacuation of very large, conglomerate pieces of intestinal mucus,

After loud grumblings and moving about in the abdomen, a thin evacuation, passing almost involuntarily, consisting in part of thin, yellow faeces, partly of bilious-streaked pieces of mucus mixed with the faeces; thereafter crawling in the anus, which compels one to rub it,

Passage of a membranous-looking mucus through the anus,

Inclinations to soft stool,

After three hours, a second soft stool; after eight hours, a third (one half grain taken in the forenoon),

Two pappy passages (second and third days),

The stool, after twelve hours, was thin and pappy; repeated in three hours (first day); three pappy stools (third day),

Thin, pappy stool, in the morning,

Five stools, tenth and twelfth days; he could have gone still oftener,

Soft, pasty stool,

Soft, very abundant stool,

Thin, pappy, dark-colored, scanty stools,

Looseness of the bowels, with soft stools, for several days,

Small stool of yellow mucus,

Small, brownish, slimy, half-fluid stool,

Two liquid stools (after fifteen grains); (second day),

Copious evacuations of the rectum, with severe purging (Schoeppe).

Watery stool (after large doses),

Watery, long-continued diarrhoea (Vogt).

(Evacuations are not watery), ,

Copious watery evacuations from the bowels mixed with blood,

Yellow, pappy diarrhoea, and pain in the umbilical region, increased by pressure,

Fluid stool, with griping (Cullen).

She is wakened after midnight, with gripings in the bowels; diarrhoea yellowish-green, with pains before and after,

Pappy stools, after abdominal cuttings,

Diarrhoea the next day, and dry coryza,

Diarrhoeic evacuations, with pain in the hypochondria, and chilliness,

Diarrhoeic stools, with burning in the rectum,

Passage of blood, with diarrhoea (Vogt).

Blood, with watery stools,

Thin or soft stools mixed with blood entirely ceased the first two days; they then return less often, and after four to six days are of a natural consistency,

Stool at an unusual time, ten hours later, and pappy (first day),

Stool twice (entirely unusual), more pappy (second day),

Yellow diarrhoea, towards morning,

Copious, pappy evacuations, morning (second day),

Diarrhoeic stools (on the morning of the seventh day, after daily doses of a small quantity),

Easy and copious stools in the morning,

At nine and ten in the evening, a diarrhoeic stool, then again the next day, more frequent in the forenoon, very thin, very yellow; everything that the child had eaten could be seen therein (from sucking Aloes),

Two pappy, yellowish stools, with much passage of flatus (the same evening after taking the 1/10th, at ten o'clock in the afternoon),

In the evening, a diarrhoeic stool (second day),

Eight hours after taking it (at five in the evening), again, indeed, a small, thin stool, something entirely unusual, followed by more fulness and pressure in the anus,

After the morning stool, the feeling many times as if he ought to go again; at four in the afternoon, a thick, pappy, natural stool, with sensation as if it were solid (second day),

In the morning, before eight, after breakfast, a disconnected, soft stool, with pressing, passing flatus and eructations; at ten o'clock in the evening, another stool, soft, disconnected, and copious (sixth day),

A stool at 3 P.M., and nine in the evening (eighth day),

A stool at six and eleven o'clock in the evening (ninth day),

A stool at six o'clock in the morning, after getting up, small, thin, pappy, easy; the same again at noon, and at three in the afternoon, with sputtering, that is, with gushing flatus and thin faeces; just the same in the evening at six and before ten o'clock; could have gone still oftener (tenth day),

*At nine o'clock in the forenoon, a second stool, small, yellowish, shining, with much sputtering flatus, with some tenesmus; he dreaded lest he should let faeces and urine both go together; whilst he would force out, yet at the same time he held back; at eleven in the forenoon again (eleventh day),

A stool at three and six o'clock in the afternoon, and nine and eleven in the evening; with the last much loud flatus, with very little faeces (eleventh day),

At seven in the morning, immediately after rising, another stool as yesterday; five times through the day; sometimes only flatus with little faeces, also many passages of flatus besides; could have gone oftener (twelfth day),

Stool five times up to three o'clock in the afternoon, then again five times; continual passage of much flatus, wherewith he must fear that a stool will escape with it; in the evening, he could pass flatus, loud and strong without being obliged to fear this (thirteenth day),

A stool at eight in the morning, the same at noon; then, indeed, twice just as liquid, though less flatulence (fourteenth day),

On passing water in the morning, a second at eleven in the forenoon, a third stool, with flatulence (third day),

On rising, he must immediately go to stool, thin, and so, indeed, three times; much flatus besides, wherewith some stool easily escapes involuntary (fifteenth day),

Four copious stools, sometimes appear undigested (sixteenth and seventeenth days); in the forenoon, copious, fluid stools within three hours, after hasty urging, grayish-yellow, undigested, with much growling about in the abdomen (eighteenth day),

At seven o'clock, a third stool, with straining, when he thought he had finished still more came; at eleven, in the forenoon, a fourth stool (fourth day),

Two movements of the bowels (eighth day),

After dinner, small stool, followed by an aching in the lower abdomen for several hours, as if another stool would follow,

Cold feeling, with a soft stool (eleventh day),

Straining as for a solid stool, which was then soft or liquid (fourteenth day),

Thin stools, mornings, till the twentieth day,

At three in the morning, he awakes with hasty urgency to stool, dull gripings; movings about in the abdomen; thin, pappy evacuations; afterwards a feeling as if more ought to come (second day),

*After waking, at three o'clock, a copious, thin, pappy stool, without straining,

At five in the morning, a regular stool, with passage of urine (fifth day),

Only one stool in the morning; urine normal (fourth day),

After a remission, from two o'clock at night until the next day, after dinner (thirty-six hours), a stool, and better humor (evening of eleventh day),

At three o'clock in the afternoon, a thin, pappy stool, with dull pains in the abdomen (twenty-third day),

Stool after breakfast,

He must go to stool soon after a meal,

Two hours after a meal, an unusual stool,

On standing, sensation as if a stool would pass,

Immediately on rising, a thin stool,

The afternoon stool small, little, soft pieces, with flatulence (third day),

Stool in the morning after rising (sixteenth day),

A stool at two o'clock in the night, solid, toward the end pappy, diarrhoeic (tenth day),

At first hard, then fluid stool, which seems to be very hot,

The first part of the stool is hard, the latter part thin, pappy; very often for many weeks,

At first hard, then, towards the end, diarrhoeic,

Late in the evening, a copious evacuation of the bowels, though more solid, occurring in addition to the usual forenoon one (first, and the same on the third day),

Copious evacuations difficult, and after long and repeated exertion,

Scanty, crumbling evacuation, with a feeling as if more ought to come (after one hour),

Feeling with the stool as if the bowels were indolent,

With a pappy stool, feeling as if it were solid,

At two o'clock in the afternoon (an unusual time), a stool too small, in disconnected small pieces, with much offensive flatus, two hours after dinner, during a disturbed state of mind, which was still increased after the stool (after three hours),

A stool at ten o'clock in the evening, thirty hours after the previous one, less than usual, with the feeling again as if it came indolently; it does not present itself in a right way (fourth day),

There is a daily stool, indeed, but yet it is difficult to pass; it distends the rectum at first,

The stool ceases after a small quantity (1/30th),

Hard stool (fifth and subsequent days),

No stool (fourth day),

No stool (thirteenth day); solid and indolent stool (fourteenth day),

Two days' constipation follows a pappy, diarrhoeic stool,

Hard, lumpy stool, then obstinate constipation,

Constipation, with indolence, and loss of irritability of the abdominal organs (Fechner).

The stool is wanting; and an unendurable condition of mind,

Cessation of stool (eleventh day),

Constipation, and straining at stool (Konigsberger).


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