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Aloe Socotrina - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Lassitude and pain in the loins on waking,

Makes a pedestrian tour of five miles very quickly, without fatigue or difficulty (third day),

Frequently, a sensitive drawing in different places in the body, as if it involved the bones; for example, in the right knee, as if in the joint, on sitting still; sooner fatigued on motion (fourth day),

Sleep and dreams

At evening, in the open air, violent, frequent yawning, without sleepiness,

Frequent, deep, loud yawning, after the midday sleep,

Much yawning (evening at 8 o'clock),

Yawning with hunger (at evening),

Frequent violent yawning with stretching, in the forenoon; it pulls the mouth wide open (eleventh and twelfth days),

Tired early at evening; much yawning, even at 8 o'clock (first day),

It also produces sleep, not only because it eliminates disturbing causes, but because it possesses volatile properties (Schroeder).

Completely quiet sleep at night (after fifteen grains, morning and evening),

After a meal very sleepy, he lay two hours in a dozy, half senseless condition, from which he must make an effort to arouse.

During this sleep he was conscious of hearing many things, without being able rightly to recollect or arouse himself (second day),

After a meal no sleep; could immediately labor well without sleepiness (fifth day),

After a meal sleepy (eleventh day), midday sleep (fifteenth and sixteenth days),

In the morning, he lay longer in a dozy sleep (fourth day),

Long, dozy, morning sleep; sexual desire before rising (twentieth day),

In the morning, he lay till toward 8 o'clock (fifteenth day),

Long, dozy, midday sleep, cannot arouse himself; after getting up, frequent deep, loud yawning (third day),

Dozy sleep, only at midday, not morning nor evening (third day),

Dozy lying, after waking (second day),

After dinner, dozy napping; it closes his eyes (fourth day),

No sleep (fifth day),

Midday sleep, with chasing visions; a crow of dreamy thoughts (fourteenth day),

Tired early in the evening (first day); he even sleeps on the sofa (fifth day),

Very sleepy, indifferent in the evening (thirteenth and thirty-first days),

No sleepiness while reading, after a meal, with cold hands and feet (first day),

Wakeful a long time at evening (first day),

Itching in the arms preventing sleep.

Cannot get to sleep for a long time, because the evening fatigue vanished; a crowd of thoughts busy him; in the morning he lies in a doze till it is day; tired and prostrated; sexual desire frequently aroused (nineteenth day),

Cannot get to sleep till one o'clock on account of cold legs,

Falling asleep hindered by cold feet,

Restless sleep, with waking up and feeling cold (fifth day),

After an emission of semen, restless sleep, with repeated wakings, at 8 o'clock in the morning, when he must go immediately to stool; a copious passage, with vigor, some hours after the previous one (fifth day),

He felt very cold at night, passing urine at 2 o'clock; he thought it must be later than two (ninth day),

Restless sleep (tenth and eleventh days), with repeated wakings; at half-past one he had to urinate, shortly thereafter, sexual excitement, with erection,

The nights from the eleventh to the twelfth, and from the twelfth to the thirteenth days, little chilliness, better sleep; at half-past two he waked up and began to urinate; had thick mucus in the mouth and fauces,

After evening sleepiness, poor night sleep, constantly half awake, coldness of the feet in bed, much chilliness, excited brain (thirteenth and fourteenth days),

Wide awake for a long time, many evenings, on account of coldness, and activity in the head, dozy sleep, first towards four or five in the morning (eleventh to fourteenth days),

Awaked at night with thirst, drinks a glass of cold water and breaks out into a sweat, several nights,

Woke up frequently, with urgency compelled him to get up, then a slight passage (fourteenth day),

Slept badly; excited (mentally); dozy; great urgency to urinate; sleeplessness before midnight,


Sleeplessness from midnight until 5 A.M.,

Very restless sleep; she throws off the bed-clothes,

Restless the night from the first till the second day; awake many time, and, immediately thereafter, irresistible sexual excitement; on rubbing, it immediately went away,

Twitching, with restless sleep and excited brain,

Feels cold at night, ; at 3 o'clock, on getting up,

Chilliness waking one up at night,

The infant moans in its sleep, and perspires profusely all over,

At times, complete awakening,

After getting up at 3 o'clock, he remained wide awake (fourth day),

He awoke at 3 o'clock, with urgency to urinate (fourth day); without stool and urgency to urinate (fifth day),

Urgency to stool and urinate drives him out of bed at 6 o'clock (fifteenth day), early on waking (twenty-first and twenty-second days),

Late rising, with great urgency to stool and urinate (eleventh day),

Wakes in good health, at 5 o'clock (fifth day),

Dozy sleep, toward morning, with less coldness than in the night (fourteenth day),

He wakes at 5 o'clock, cannot rouse himself on account of dreamy thoughts; feels agreeably tired; lying seems very comfortable (fifteenth day),

Dry cough at night,

Pains in the forearm in bed,

Pain in the back at night,

Pains in the loins on waking,

Pains in the loins on rising in the morning, ; cracking of the hip-joint,

Heavy dreams at night,

At night in a dream he was in danger, and would cry out, but could not from hoarseness,

Visions chase one another in the midday sleep,

Dream about huge monsters and all sorts of animals,

Dreams that he is crazy, and that everybody is watching him,

Awaking, completely active, before seven, with many indistinct dreams; otherwise he wakes at nine (second day),

No sound sleep; coldness; awakes at 3 o'clock from a mass of confused dreams, the last was remembered, but on rising was also forgotten (fourth day),

Dreams towards morning that he has defecated in his breeches (twenty-fourth day),


Anxious starting-up,

Paralytic drawings in various (eighteenth day),

Paralysis in all the limbs, with anxiety,

General prostration (after 15 grains),

Great weakness, phlegmatic temperament (second day); weariness (first and third day),

Weakness and inclination to vomit, after sour food,

Weariness, weakness, and creeping coldness, when he comes from bed into a hot room,

The strength and pulse sunken, after vomiting,

Indolent; if he sits, he deliberates about standing up,

Stronger than usual for bodily exercises, and not so weak and used up the next days a usual (afternoon of first day),

The whole body very sensitive,

Transient pains, as if bruised or sprained, in various places; on the left forearm, right shoulder-blade, left side of the ribs, etc. (fifteenth day),

Jerking, drawing, dull, sticking pains in the finger, knee and elbow joints (fifth day),

Dull sticking pains in the joints (eighth day),

Pains from weakness in the ankle-bones and the joints of the hands,

Heaviness in the uterine region, with pains in the loins and groins,

Heaviness in the uterus and pains in the back (Trousseau).

Determination of blood to the uterus (Arnemann).

Cramps in the uterus, with loss of a little white mucus,

Irritative action on the uterus and pelvic organs, from the determination of blood to these organs; repletion of the bloodvessels, especially the veins; hence it is in a condition to augment existing irritated conditions or bleedings and to act as an emmenagogue in amenorrhoea and chlorosis (Pereira).

Pressing and drawing in the uterus,

Abortion; thereupon, copious discharge of bloody slime, often with pressing and drawing in the uterus,

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