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Aloe Socotrina - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), *Usually awakes in the morning with severe urging to stool, etc.

before 5 o'clock, aroused and excited in the head.

stool. 5 A.M., swelling in the throat.

6 o'clock, thin stool.

tormina in the umbilical region.

7 o'clock, hunger on waking, after waking, pains in the bowels, and pappy stool, etc.

after rising, a stool.

on rising, urgency to urinate.

8 to 9 o'clock, swelling in the throat.

a crowd of thoughts busy him and prevent his falling asleep again.

stool and headache. nasal pains.

dryness in the nose. fruitless inclination to sneeze.

nose bleed. stitch in the tongue.

rawness in the fauces.

mucous expectoration. bitter taste.

little appetite. abdomen pains.

pain in bowels (also evening).

flatulent troubles. passage of flatus.

offensive flatus. thin stool.

diarrhoea. yellow diarrhoea, etc.

itching near the anus.

hoarseness. dry hackings.

drawings in the chest.

cracking of the cervical vertebrae.

cold hands and feet. weak pulse.

(Afternoon), Afternoon generally the time of aggravation, especially of the symptoms of the mucous membranes.

ill-humor worse. excited.

pain in forehead. suppurative pain in the upper part of the head.

sudden fluent coryza. coryza.

blood blow from the nose.

hunger. thirst. cutting abdominal pains.

offensive flatus. diarrhoea.

four stools. stool. at 3 P.M., itching of the haemorrhoids.

drawing in the urethra at midnight.

increased urgency to urinate.

pain in the neck. burning in the sacrum.

drawing in the finger joints.

pain in the toes. the legs and hands cold at midday.

at 3 o'clock, the feet warm.

at 4, the hands. cold feet.

cold legs. at noon, sluggish.

also in the afternoon, without sleep.

chilliness. pulse slower.

(Evening), The symptoms appear in the evening, particularly.

towards evening, dry cough.

increased ill-humor and pain in the loins.

indifferent and sleepy.

shootings in the head (and the following morning).

pressure in the eyes. coldness of the tip of the nose.

earache. twingeing in the ear.

cracking in the maxillary joint.

dryness in the mouth with thirst.

swelling of the throat.

little appetite. itching of the navel.

copious passage of flatus.

offensive. urgency to stool.

stool. stool at 10 P.M.

stool late. diarrhoea.

crawlings in the anus.

itching of haemorrhoids (and in the morning).

stitches in the haemorrhoids.

urgency to urinate. sexual desire.

tickling in the throat, forcing cough (and mornings).

stitches in the chest.

pain in the phalanges.

hands swollen and hot.

attacks of distress, and heating over the hips, into the loins.

pain in tendo Achillis.

cold feet. into the calves.

wrenching pains (and in the morning).

yawning and hunger..

(Night), Toothache.

stitches in spleen, awaking one.

throbbing in the abdomen on lying.

pains over the loins waking one.

passage of flatus through the whole night.

urgency to stool. urgency with urinating.

shocks that force him to rise upright out of bed.

waking with chill. waking with chill and pain of the great toe.

offensive perspiration.

excessive perspiration..

(After midnight), Bellyache and diarrhoea.

sexual desire at 1 A.M.

chill at 1 to 2 A.M. disappearing toward morning.

at 2 A.M., stool awake, with urgency to urinate.

after 2 A.M., palpitation, in bed.

at 3 o'clock, swelling in the throat.

awake at 3 A.M. with dreams.

for a thin stool. stool, with chilliness.

at 4 A.M., stool. sexual desire.

sleepiness, from midnight until 5 A.M.

(Motion), Exercise increases the headache.

pain in the nose, only on motion.

nausea. the cutting abdominal pains.

pain from flatulence. the pains from the stomach to the chest.

on motion, particularly of the arms, pain in the breast-bone.

cracking of the cervical vertebrae.

pain in the neck. the great toe feels as if sprained..

(Walking), On walking, it shakes in the head.

jerks in the left hypochondrium.

stitches in the anus. cracking of the hip-joint.

stitches in right knee-joint.

pain in left ankle-bone.

shiverings. vertigo on going upstairs and turning quickly.

at every step, the stitches in the temple are much worse.

on making a misstep, pain at the pit of the stomach.

on bodily exertion, pain in chest..

Immediately after a meal, he sat down by himself, without speaking, without any desire for mental or physical exertion.

meditating, wrapt up in himself, as after a sickness or a fit of anger, which still gnaws internally, which one cannot express. Nothing can engage his attention, he is averse to and disgusted with everything. From one till after four in the evening, already an opposite condition sets in.

he is not at all angered about an accident which otherwise probably would have angered him,.

Very peculiar vertigo each day, after taking the third trituration.

during motion, he feels as if he ought to lie down.

whilst standing and walking, an inner sensation which makes everything seem insecure, and which makes him very anxious.

then nasal catarrh, first on the left side, then on the right, with copious secretion of mucus, which soon becomes thick.

afterwards, no more vertigo,.

After 11 o'clock A.M., sense of dull pressure throughout the whole head when walking, a shaking as if the brain lay loose therein, considerably aggravated in fresh, cold air, also on laying the head down, then and awhile after rising up, a beating, thumping pain, like pulsating, especially in the occiput.

better awhile after eating (the first day, after having taken the medicine five times, less the second day; disappearing the third day),.

A lower, hollow back tooth becomes sensitive, especially when eating (second day).

on the afternoon of the third day it is still sensitive, on the fifth day he cannot bite them.

on the sixth day, it is still more sensitive, it even pains without touching it.

it is more sensitive on the ninth day.

on the tenth day, a pustule appears on the front part of the gum, under this same tooth,.

Sensation as if the palate were swollen (three o'clock in the morning).

when rising and during the forenoon in the fauces, increasing in the afternoon, continuing in the evening. On empty swallowing and yawning the arches of the palate are painful (the fourth and following days). The sensation in the fauces only on forced empty swallowing.

but it increases a few hours after rising, and is noticeable even without swallowing, but not on swallowing food. On chewing, the sides of the soft palate pain, as if sore, or as if burnt with hot food, aggravated in the evening (fifth and sixth days),.

Five drops of the tincture were given for pressure in the abdomen, with pain in the loins and weakness in the legs.

then followed apprehension, the breath will stay away on going up stairs.

could not work, became anxious, with paralysis in all the limbs.

the cutaneous veins disappeared.

must sit and sleep. at first, he felt better walking than sitting.

after a few hours these symptoms and those of the disease were much relieved,.

*Urging to stool at nine o'clock in the morning.

after half an hour, a small, thin stool, then griping in the bowels for a few hours, as after taking cold, and subsequent headache.

the next day, without repetition of the dose, stool repeated at the same hour, pappy, and less than the urging seemed to indicate, with subsequent pain in the bowels.

the third day, slight urging to stool the whole day, until the ordinary urging to stool follows at evening (after the 1/10th taken five times),.

Chill at 3 o'clock, on rising.

throughout the day, very sensitive to the cold.

chilly in the open air and in the room.

more severe in the afternoon.

the cold runs through the skin of the whole body, with some confusion, especially of the forehead.

at evening, cold legs as far as the knees, in spite of lying on the sofa in a warm room (ninth day),.

A young girl, suffering from amenorrhoea, took daily three grains of the watery extract.

thereupon, pappy taste, loss of the previous good appetite, congestion to he head, headache, relieved by cold applications, alternating with pains in the loins, gripings.

three soft stools a day.

the periods, which had stayed away three months, came on at night, with severe pain in the loins,.