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Aloe Socotrina - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Socotrine Aloes, Aloes, Aloe.

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HPUS indication of Aloe Socotrina: Diarrhea

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aloe Socotrina in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Outward pressing pain in the shoulder (first day); in the left shoulder (second day),

Dull, sticking pains from the shoulder into the ulna (second day),

Cracking in the left shoulder-joint on moving it (morning of fourth day),

Sweat in the axilla,

Heaviness of the right arm, (second day),

Pressive or paralytic drawing in the right upper arm, near the shoulder-joint, in rest and motion (third day),

Furuncle on the upper arm,

Pains in the elbow,

At night, in bed, pressive pain in the right forearm; it began in the middle of the forearm, and ended in the wrist-joint, where it seemed as if it would press the bones of the wrist asunder (ninth day),

Paralytic drawing in the anterior part of the forearm (third day),

Sensitive, jerking-drawing, as in the flesh, from the left forearm into the palm of the hand, six to eight times, in quick succession, on sitting still and writing (3 to 4 o'clock P.M., third day),

Pains in the forearm ending in the wrist-joint,

Pain pressing asunder the wrist-bones,

Weakness of the wrist-joint,

Drawing into the palm of the hand,

On stretching out the left hand it feels as if the nerves were too short, and were dragged like an electric shock,

In the left hand and forearm, the sensation as if internally asleep; now and then an internal jerking and twitching without pains (third day),

The left hand falls asleep, forenoons, on sitting in a wagon (third day),

Cold hands,

Cold hands, warm feet; evenings,

Swollen hands in the evening, eight to ten o'clock, with heat and tickling-itching, especially in the balls of the thumb, compelling vigorous rubbing; feels as if frozen (thirteenth day),

Sensation as if a hair lay on the back of the hand, also on the back of the fingers; many times,

A peculiar sensation on the last phalanges of the left hand, particularly, as if the hairs there slowly rose up; it seems to him as if a hair lay on the fingers (seventh day),

Habitual, sensitive drawing in the metacarpal bones and joints of the right middle finger (3 P.M., first day),

In the metacarpal joint of the fourth finger, a frequently recurring sticking and drawing pain (first day),

Painful drawing and stiffness of the left middle finger, seated especially at the metacarpal joint (first day); jerking-drawing pain in the metacarpal joint of the left fourth finger (second day); pains and stiffness in the right (third day),

Extremely painful tearing stitches in the second joint of the left fourth finger (ninth day),

Pain as if sprained or taken cold in the last joint of the left fourth finger (ninth day),

Aching in the lower condyles of the first phalanges of the right hand, evenings,

Fine stitches in the finger-joints (seventh day),

Stitches in the finger-joints,

Drawing in the joint of the left thumb (soon after taking it); then in the forenoon and the midday rest (first day),

Habitual drawing pain, as if sprained, in the left last joint of the thumb (had been sprained three months before), (fourth day),

Red, inflamed ulcerous spot, with sensation of tearing, on third finger of right hand,

Pain under the nail of the left forefinger,

Lower extremities

Weariness and heaviness of the lower extremities (second, third, and eight days),

On lying down after eating, the limbs fall asleep (fifteenth day),

The whole left leg is asleep, without provocation (after one hour),

Heaviness of the legs, the second day,

Painful weakness in the legs, with pain in the hypochondrium,

Painful weakness on walking, especially in the calf, ankle-joint, and inguinal region,

Cracking in the right hip-joint, on rising in the morning and on walking (second day),

Drawing in the left buttock, soon passing away, but frequently recurring,

Stitches in the middle of the buttock, when stooping,

Heaviness and pain from prostration in the right upper thigh (fourth day),

Heaviness of both thighs (sixth day),

Outward pressing pain in the thigh (first day),

Pain drawing downward from the flank into the middle of the thigh,

Pain in the inside of the left thigh (after one hour),

Coldness of the lower thigh to over the knee,

Tearing in right thigh, above the knee-joint,

Tearing in the right thigh,

Itching on the inner side of the left thigh,

Crawling, itching, biting, on knee-Capsicum Annuum caps, calves, and inner surface of thigh,

Pains in the knee,

Stitches, while walking, in right knee-joint,

Stitch in right knee, nearly causing her to fall down,

Itching in the popliteal space,

(*Painful weariness in the calf. , )

Weakness of the ankle-joint,

Pain, as if from a sprain, in the outer left ankle-bone when walking,

Evening, on lying in bed, and in the morning, the sensation as if the ankle-joint were sprained, or the left great toe, or in a finger or thumb which had been sprained a few months before (third day),

Pains in the foot (Hong).

Painful pullings in the whole right foot,

At evening, severe pain, as if sprained and bruised, in the tendo Achillis, especially of the left foot (after nine hours),

In the middle of the right sole, internally, as in the bone, a habitual sensitive drawing in a circumscribed spot (first day),

The sole of the foot pains in rest,

The soles pain on walking on pavement, as though he had performed a long journey,

Cold feet, ; after eating, without sleepiness, ; at evening, ; evening in bed, ; preventing sleep at night, ; mostly in the forepart of the toes only,

Pain on the inner margin of the metatarsal bone of the left great toe, on walking and in rest; first there is a pressure, then follows a slight drawing, as if the pressure extended itself (after fifteen hours),

He wakes many times in the night, with some chilliness and sensitive pain in the great toe on every motion, as if it were sprained, sometimes in the right sometimes in the left, whether in the first or last joint could not be distinguished (first day, again sixth day),

In the afternoon, on walking in boots, pain in the right third toe, as if frozen (fourteenth day),

For several days, pain in the right little toe, as from chilblains (twenty-fifth day),

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