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Allium Cepa - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



A pressive pain remains for some time afterward.

The mouth is not as coated in the morning (the second day),

It causes an offensive breath (general experience).

(Onions remove the offensive breath, )

(The juice is of service in putrid sore mouths, )

(Antiscorbutic, )

Gums and teeth

Pecking in the two hindermost back teeth (after three minutes),

In the first upper teeth, right side, sensitive drawing from the root to the crown (after thirty minutes); later, the same feeling in the corresponding teeth on the left side (the first day),

Pressive toothache in the right upper and lower back teeth, with the inclination to bore the tongue into and suck them, which relieves, lasting an hour; after travelling against the northwest wind, the fifth day; again the sixth day, after going against the northwest wind,

Slight pressure in the right back teeth on going into a warm room.

At breakfast, the back teeth pain from eating bread, so that only soft food can be eaten.

Toward noon, the pain disappears on the right side, and settles in the root of the left eye-tooth; the gum around the root is inflamed; the pain frequently ceases suddenly and commences in an instant in a right back tooth; in the eye-tooth it is pressive, growling; cold water, cold in general relieves (the eight day),

The pressive toothache comes on after walking against the north wind, is relieved by poking and sucking with the tongue; is much aggravated on eating warm soup, and disappears after a swallow of cold water; always the same after repeated experiments,

Pressive pain in the root of the left eye-tooth disturbs the sleep, with excessive heat in the cheeks; towards morning, remission and sweat; the cheeks feel swollen (ninth day),

During sleep, feeling as if the back teeth were too long, with some pain; disappears on rising; two nights,

Drawing stitches from the left forehead into the teeth,

Immediately after eating onions, raging pain attacks a broken tooth.

The teeth are a smutty yellow in the morning, they remain so the whole day, in one who has very white and sound teeth; continues three to five days,


At breakfast (with warm cocoa), painful; relieved by cold water (the seventh day),

Arnica Arnica, high in water, relieved just as speedily,

Dryness in the mouth, without thirst,


The tongue has a foul coat, especially in the morning, on the back part, the third day; slimy, the fifth day,

The tongue is furred the next morning,

Dryness at the root of the tongue, on the right side,

Mouth and tongue as if scalded,

Pains under the tongue; at the lower insertion of the fraenum it is surrounded with a half circle of small sore elevations, the next morning and the whole day,


(Onions remove the bad taste in the mouth, )

It has a sweet and aromatic acrid taste,

Sweet and nauseous taste after taking it, and so also on the third day,

On awaking, nauseous taste, the third day and morning of the fifth,

A sickly-sweet taste, also again, after the thirtieth, though in a less degree,

Burning taste, more on the gums and upper part, (Loss of taste, )

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