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Allium Cepa - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head, ; with coryza,

Head confused especially in the forehead, after renewed eructations,

Confusion of the head after it had risen up from the stomach into the throat,

Confusion in the occiput, first on both sides and towards the upper part, pressing down sideways, then behind the ears around the whole occiput (after one hour),

Pressure and confusion in the upper part of the occiput in the regions "conscientiousness," "love of approbation," and "caution," the whole evening; better in the open air, worse on returning to the warm room (first day),

Raw, they are very injurious to the head and to the eyes,

They afflict the head and eyes, hence they should be avoided by those who study, and have a humid, weak head, sight, and hearing,

The whole head became hot (after cutting onions),

Heat of the head,

Heat and heaviness of the head, lasting from the forenoon till near evening; after cutting onions,

The head is full and heavy,

Fulness and heaviness in the head, as if were bound up, with flickering of the eyes,

Like electric shocks through the head,

Aching of the head,

Dulness in the head, with some coryza and lachrymations, in the evening on cutting onions,

Dulness in the forehead and whole head, as after inhaling Chloroformium chloroform,

Heaviness in the head,

Stitches, as of needles, in the forehead,

Stitches over the whole left forehead, externally; they draw into the ear, the upper jaw, and the teeth of the same side (immediately after taking it); evenings,

As if swollen and heavy on the crown,


Pain in both sides of the occiput, and a dull confusion from the crown backward and downward in the regions "conscientiousness" and "love of approbation;" continued the whole forenoon; went away in the evening after drinking beer,


But those in whom they produce headache should avoid them,

Make a decoction of leeks in water and bathe the head in it, for headache,

They frequently excite headache in inflammatory constitutions,

If eaten too much, they cause headache,

Headache, better in the open air,

Headache, worse on return to the warm room, etc.

Headache in the room, evenings, with coryza,

Headache, with coryza,

Headache and coryza, worse evenings (fourth day),

Severe headache, with slight coryza,

Headache and gastric troubles,

Headache and yawning,

Dull, oppressive pain in the head,

Oppressive headache over the eyes, frequently going through the head like an electric shock (the first day),

Pain in the forehead, with catarrh,

Pains deep in the head over the left brow (after one hour),

Headache the next morning, especially in both temples,

Pains in both temples, most severe in the right, aggravated by winking, afterward the pain extends over the head, worse on the left side,

Pain left of the crown (after seventy minutes),

Headache, from both sides of the head, downward and inward toward the middle (after ten minutes),

Tingling pain behind the left mastoid process,

Headache in the region of the organ of "concentration,"

Pains deep in the head, sticking to the ear,

Headache, first in the occiput, then in the forepart on the right side over the eye,

Headache on both sides of the occiput, afterwards in only two large round places in the upper posterior part of the head, in the region "love of approbation;" still later, a general and humming sensation of the part being asleep,

With pressive headache is the sensation, as if the whole head externally were wrapped up in warm water, For alopecia, Hippocrates directed the spots to be rubbed with onions,


The pressure in the upper part of the occiput in the evening, became about eleven o'clock a sensation of being asleep; on touching it, he first noticed it was not in the scalp, but as if in the bone,

(The hair is made to grow by anointing the bald spots with onions, )

(It promotes the growth of hair in baldness better than Alcyonium, )

It may be used externally for making the hair grow, anointing the shaven head with it; the juice also makes the hair grow, )

(For promoting the growth of the hair, the head is washed at evening with French brandy which has stood over freshly cut onions, )

(Bald spots are to be rubbed with a cut onion till they are red, to make the hair grow,)

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