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Allium Cepa - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Since collecting onions in the harvest, four years before, a brother and sister, each in the thirtieth year, experienced for the first time a coryza, recurring at the same time each year, and continuing to the three weeks.

they would sneeze severely twenty to thirty times every morning, and were obliged to avoid peaches on account of their rough skin, as well as all flowering trees and plants (Nux Vomica Nux vom. relieved very greatly, but still other medicines had to be administered),.

Ate some small onions.

in four hours, indefinable anxiety.

walks about, and finally, full of apprehension, throws himself on the bed, and soon gets up again.

constant violent pains in left side of abdomen, more in middle and lower part of abdomen and in region of bladder, with troubles in urinating, and no stool.

violent thirst. in face, expression of anxiety and doubt.

skin hot, especially in the painful and sensitive places.

pulse somewhat accelerated, full, hardish,.

Woman, 40 years old, after eating cooked onions.

the hernia in the left groin much protruded and strangulated.

very severe pains from high up in the left side of the hypochondrium drew towards the incarcerated hernia.

very restless. much fever, etc.

the hernia returned after a single dose of Aconite Aconite , and no farther remedies were necessary (LIPPE)..

(Colic, gastric, wind and haemorrhoidal colic; in more than twenty cases, by a physician who was severely attacked on a journey, and without other remedies, seeing a string of onions hanging up, took (with a Rademacherian intuitive remedial instinct) one of the largest of the string, and devoured it with true canine hunger, and suddenly is enchanted by being free from colic, Loeffler.).

Immediately eructations of wind, then confusion of the head, especially in the forehead, and distension of the abdomen.

afterwards urgency to stool, but only passage of wind, with weak feeling in the limbs, and at evening free expectoration of mucus.

the distension of the abdomen continues till the next day, and ended with a diarrhoea, when all the other symptoms also disappeared (from fifty drops of tincture several times repeated),.

Exceptionally little flatus, almost none, in one who is accustomed to pass a great deal every morning, though he had eaten apples the previous evening according to his custom (the second and subsequent days).

this diminished emission of flatus, mornings, and its offensive odor, lasted for over a year, after which the flatus was as odorless and abundant as before,.

Since an intermittent fever and large doses of China China, two years previous, the prover had infrequent evacuations (four to eight days, without feeling the slightest desire).

they occurred mostly at evening.

since the proving, for a year and a half, he has had a stool nearly every morning, only very seldom omitting for two or three days,.


Allium cepa, Willd. Nat. order, Liliaceae. Common names, Onion; (Germ.) Zwiebel; (Fr.) Oignon. Preparation, Tincture from the red onion.