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Allium Cepa - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Blue-eyed, )

(The eyes are no longer watery and dim; the sixth day.)

They have their natural lustre; the seventh day, )

It causes biting in the eyes, irritates to tears (an undoubted action of onion),

At evening, on cutting up onions, there was a continual dropping from the eyes, then they become painful,

Pungent smell, biting, and weeping of the eyes, and sneezing, after taking it,

Causes lachrymation,

(The juice represses the excessive lachrymation, )

The eyes water after a few hours (first day),

The left eye pains the next morning; fine stitches in it; after cutting the onions in the evening,

The lachrymation of the left eye, with coryza, was much greater, the eye was much redder, and more sensitive to the light than the right (first day),

Excessive lachrymation of the left eye, with redness of the eyeball, after frequent sneezing (third day),

The lachrymation is for the most part in the evening, in the warm room; the left eye weeps more, and also is more sensitive to the light,

Watering of the eyes and nose,

Lachrymation, with coryza,

Lachrymation (not excoriating), with coryza,

Burning in the outside of the right upper lid (after three minutes),

Burning in the lids,

As if there were smoke in the eyes under the upper lids, mostly in the night (the first day),

Redness of the lids, with catarrh, o.

After drinking coffee, an irritation on the left upper lid, which necessitates frequent rubbing; worse in the warm room, disappearing in the open air (the first day, and morning of the second),

Irritation of the left upper lid reappears very strikingly after the thirtieth,

Itching in the supraorbital region, more on the left side (after one hour),

Burning itching in the brows, the supraorbital region, and the upper lids; evening of the first day,

Heat in the left eyebrow,

Needle-stitches in the brows,

Pressive pain over the right eye (after twenty minutes),

Feeling of heaviness over both eyes and in the forehead; after a few minutes, lasting two hours,

Pains in the eyes as if they would be torn out, as if the eye hung loose posteriorly, on a string, and could be bored into with the fingers and torn out,

Drawing pains in the left cheek, going into the interior of the left eye; better in the cold air (the second day),

Pain over the right eye to the root of the nose,

(Pain from the cheeks into the left eye, )

(Commencing ecchymoses in the eyes, )

(Ulcers, spots in the eyes, )

(Irritant affections of the eyes, used with ashes, )

(A stye is to be rubbed with a piece of raw onion, )

(*Swelling of the lids and around the eye, with coryza, )

On becoming sleepy while reading, the letters appear to him very small (soon after the second dose),

Flickering and blinding before the eyes; everything dances hither and thither; therewith fulness and heaviness in the head, as if bound up; the whole head becomes hot, and feels swollen and heavy on the vertex, together with so much general weakness that she must lie down; after cutting onions,

A bright dazzling in the distance, and dimness near by,

The eyes are sensitive to the light, particularly the left,

Cloudy sight by candlelight,

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