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Allium Cepa - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Red Onion, Cepa, Alium Cepa, All-c.

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HPUS indication of Allium Cepa: Head cold
Allium Cepa
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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Allium Cepa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pressive pain in the hepatic region, which extends through the whole abdomen,

The pains seat themselves for some time in the right hypochondrium, with which are cold shudders down the back, so that he can scarcely get warm; evening at nine (third day),

Stitches in the left side, toward evening the first day, morning of the second day, worse on lying the fourth day,

Contractive pain in the left hypochondrium, with the sensation of wind moving about,

Pain in the umbilical region,

Half an hour after drinking coffee, in the afternoon, the pains in the bowels returned more severe, mostly in the left inguinal region, more pressing than burning, but with heat in the abdomen (second day),

Flatulent colic,

Pain in the abdomen and shoulder (right half?),

Pains in the abdomen, worse every time after eating,

Pain in the left side of the abdomen, as though he had punched himself in this place,

On walking, a sudden burning or chilling cutting -a pain thin as a thread- in the hypogastrium, from both sides inward toward the middle and upward (after one hour),

A warm or chilling sensation, as if a glow within beat against the abdomen, on the right side, and over the external and upper part of both thighs; evening of the first day from nine to ten.

Repeated later.

The sensation was as if a glowing heat beat against one, but without the same heat, only warmth,

Heat in the abdomen, with pain,

In pelvic region, internally on right side, above and inside of the groin, very severe pressure on a small spot; it seems to be on the inside of the pelvic cavity.

After twenty minutes, like a violent pain on a small spot, deep in the right side of the pelvis; evenings (first day),

Violent pains, like cuttings with very small knives, with a twisting motion deep in above the left groin, midway on a line between the symphysis pubis and anterior superior spinous process of the ilium.

Allium Cepa pain moves, turning here and there in a small space; never had the like before (fourth and fifth days),

Pains in the left flank (second day),

Burning pressure in region of bladder; soon afterward in the small of the back (10 P.M., first day),

Pressive pains deep in pelvis (in prostate?),

Periodic pains in the public region, worse on sitting (the first day),

Sticking and pressive pain in posterior inguinal ring and spermatic cord (immediately),

(Hernia in left groin protruded and strangulated, -Lippe.)

Pain, drawing from the region of the liver through the whole abdomen,

(Colic after immoderate eating, Loeffler.)

(Frequent pains in bowels in the summer especially if he has eaten cucumbers, salad, or the like; this relieves nearly every time, and a second dose is rarely needed, )

(In colic of children often useful, )

(Ascites (11 years old); roasted and rubbed in as a salve, with goosegrease; even after twenty-four hours' use, the water flowed from her by the quart; she became weak, that she was despaired of, but she rallied, and there was no relapse after six years, Frank's Mag.)

Flatulent distension of the abdomen,

If too many are eaten, they distend the abdomen and cause flatulency,

(Removes flatulency, )

Make bad blood, afford little nourishment, puff up the abdomen, cause thirst, injure the bile,

Cooked, they become milder and sweeter, but still cause flatulency (Hahnemann).

In one woman, raw onions always caused much wind in the stomach, and eructations; cooked onions, never,

Rumbling in the abdomen, with passage of much wind through the anus, preceded by a sensation of heat and frequent eructations (soon after taking, the first day),

Frequent eructations, abdomen distended and painful; relieved every time after passing wind downwards, with internal heat (first day),

Sensation as if the abdomen were much swollen, with sharp pain and oppression of breathing before and after diarrhoea,

Rumbling in the transverse colon, evenings, and sudden urgency to stool,

Rumbling in the bowels, with stomach-ache, ; epigastrium after breakfast, ; in left side of lower bowels,

Lower abdomen very heavy, as if it were pressed upon, before and after standing; disappeared after bathing (the ninth day),

He onionated! (Zwiebelt) (Popular expression); the young people in Upper Lusatia say, if they wish to express themselves politely, "he has made a mistake" (Zweifelt), without knowing how analogous the abdominal mistake is to the scientific.

Both are criticizable (Grimm).

Less passage of wind in the morning and all day; the few passages are (contrary to all habit) very offensive,

Pain in bowels relieved after passing wind,


Pain about the navel, an hour after dinner (3 P.M.),

The abdomen is distended before dinner, so that the clothes seem too tight (after one hour),

They produce an appetite which, however, disappears immediately as soon as he begins to eat; food is disgusting to him,

After dinner all the symptoms vanish (after one and a half hours),

After supper the symptoms again disappear as after dinner, the first day,

Distension of the abdomen before dinner,


The pains in the bowels are most severe while sitting; on moving about there is passage of flatus and relief to the pains (the first day),

With rumbling in the abdomen, the pains return more severe than before, with passage of much flatus; morning of the third day after the second dose,

Burning glow or chilling sensation, as if scattered, with confused feeling in the right side of the abdomen; thereupon sight passage of half-loud very offensive onion flatus (after an hour and a half),

Flatulence from raw onions.

Very offensive flatus, and moist, ; mornings,

Offensive flatus, with loud passage (after fifty minutes),

Frequent flatus, difficult to pass; evenings (the first day),

Flatus difficult to press out, odorless (the first day),

Frequent passage of flatus at night,

Offensive, moist flatus (first day),

Frequent passage of flatus without pain,

Raw onions give rise to injurious secretions in the stomach, thirst, inflammation, flatulence, and headache,


Continues eructations, nausea, and pressure in the stomach, with rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, especially on the left side, where there is stitching and rumbling, and urgency to stool, which is ineffectual,

(Nausea, )

Feeling of nausea after fifteen minutes,

Nausea in the posterior part of the throat, is forced up as with a thrust, after thirty minutes,

Nausea seems more properly to be seated in the stomach; very soon,


Squeamishness and slight attacks of nausea from the bowels up into the throat, then slight confusion of the head; soon,

There are some who, smelling onions in a distant kitchen, taste them in their mouth, so that afterwards everything tastes of them and produces nausea,

(Nausea on becoming erect, )

Slight eructations relieve the horrible nausea in the stomach,


Even the smell of onions makes her vomit; she cannot swallow the tincture in water; it came up again, she is so averse to it,

Vomiting frothy, slimy fluid,


(Loss of appetite with coryza, -Lippe.)

Onions promote an appetite, but if one eats too many they cause a revulsion of the stomach,

The appetite is increased,

The appetite is excited even to canine hunger,

The priests were forbidden its use because it produced thirst,

Onions excite thirst,

Thirst excessive, with stomach-ache, ; with tympanitis,

Thirst, with heat, evenings, with coryza, ; after chilliness, ; after flushes of heat at evening,

Slight warmth in the abdomen and squeamishness, soon after taking it,

Frequent eructations; he tastes onions in the afternoon, after taking four drops of the tincture in the morning,

Immediately after eating onions, long-continued eructations, but not after the tincture,

At evening, eructations of wind; flashes of heat over the whole body, and thirst (the fourth day),

Eructations still incessant on the morning of the fifth day, without repetition of the dose,

Eructations of wind, ; with distension of the abdomen, ; with rumblings,

(It stops sour eructations, )

Annoying hiccough,

Stimulates digestion,

Irritates the stomach and promotes digestion; excessive use, however, gives rise to dyspeptic troubles,

Feeling of emptiness, and drawings back and forth in the stomach, with some pains,

Sense of weakness in the stomach,

Pain on the left side of the stomach,

Oft-repeated pressure deep within the epigastrium, as if it were at the orifice of the stomach, and on the posterior side; evening at ten (the first day),

Dull pain below the breast-bone, more to the right side, on moving in bed; evening at ten (after five minutes),

Pain below the sternum on stooping, morning,

Pain in the region of the pylorus,

Pressure in the stomach and fulness in the head,

Pressure in the stomach,

Pressure in the stomach and yawning,

Heat extending into the stomach,

Pain in the bowels, worse after eating,

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