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Aesculus Hippocastanum - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Horse Chestnut, Aesc hip, Aesculus Hipposcastanum, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Aesculus hip, Aesc.

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HPUS indication of Aesculus Hippocastanum: Hemorrhoids
Aesculus Hippocastanum
Common symptoms: Hemorrhoids, Back pain, Irritability.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aesculus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Fulness of colon; must have stool,

Fulness of rectum,

Great pressure in rectum,

Pressure in rectum, with inclination to stool, with empty eructations,

Feeling of constriction in rectum,

Sensation of dryness of the rectum,

Dryness and itching in the rectum, with feeling of stiffness of the skin and adjacent cellular tissue, continuing for several days,

Dryness of the passage for several days, followed by secretion of moisture,

Dry, uncomfortable feeling in the rectum, which feels as if it were filled with small sticks,

Excessive dryness of the rectum, with feeling of heat,

For several days following, there was a sensation as if the mucous membrane of the rectum was thickened and obstructed the passage of faeces,

Feeling in rectum as though folds of the mucous membrane obstructed the passage, and as if, were the effort continued, the rectum would protrude,

The dryness of the rectum is followed by increased secretion of mucus,

Dryness and soreness of the rectum,

Soreness of rectum, with increased secretion of mucus,

Soreness, burning, and itching at anus,

Great burning and itching at anus,

Burning, pressure, itching, and fulness at anus,

Burning, itching, and protrusion of anus,

Some heat in anus, with itching,

Great soreness of anus,

Anus sore,

Raw feeling in anus,

Severe aching pain in the anus,

Dull aching pain at anus,

Fulness and itching at the anus, after walking a mile,

Severe cutting pain in anus, with colicky pain in umbilicus, following after very hard and dry stool,

Itching in the anus,

Rubbing will produce extreme flow of blood to anus,

Prolapsed feeling of the anus after a hard stool,

Feeling as if a portion of the anus was prolapsed, with dull backache,

Prolapsed feeling of the anus, after a stool of about natural consistence,

About half an inch of protrusion, which he is unable to push up,

Sphincter ani unable to contract,

Tumors of a haemorrhoidal character, very sore, and of a dark purple color,

Appearance of haemorrhoids, like groundnuts, of a purple color, very painful, and with sensation of burning (never had haemorrhoids before),

Constant urging to stool (after two hours),

Very urgent desire for stool, and great distress in umbilical and hypogastric regions, with rumbling in bowels,

Constant inclination to go to stool and the rectum seems swollen,

Great desire for a stool,

Desire to go to stool each time wind was eructated,

Desire to remain at stool a long time, with straining,

Desire for a passage from the bowels, without result,

Frequent inclination for, and ineffectual efforts at stool,

Great straining, with shivering,

Ineffectual attempts at stool,

Constant tendency to diarrhoea for two days; almost constant inclination to go to stool, but without any, or very slight evacuations,

Constant desire for stool, with pains in right hypochondrium and stomach,

Stool at 2 P.M.,

Had two soft stools, without giving relief to the desire for stool,

Stool at noon, very black and soft without relieving the desire for stool,

Two moderate faecal evacuations (two hours after),

Three moderate faecal evacuations half an hour after taking the drug,

Two liquid motions, preceded by griping,

Four loose evacuations within a quarter of an hour,

In two hours, several thin evacuations,

Bowels loose; stools brown,

Soft, mushy stool, with a good deal of pain in lumbar region,

Stool of a light-brown color and very soft; frequent, but not to the extent of a diarrhoea,

Stool of a mixed character,

Diarrhoea for twenty-four hours following,

Diarrhoea of ingesta,

Copious, soft stool, followed by burning and feeling of constriction in rectum,

Small stool, at 9.30 A.M., thin, watery, lighter-colored, and some tenesmus,

Rather a difficult stool,

Rather a difficult stool, about noon, followed in an hour by a slight soreness, aching and fulness in rectum, indicating piles,

Difficult, scanty stool,

A very dry stool, at 9 P.M., voided with difficulty,

At 5 P.M., a very hard and dry, knotty stool, voided with great difficulty,

Stools hard and dark-brown,

Stool of hard, impacted faeces, with great soreness of anus (12 M.),

Stool; first part black and hard; the last part about the natural consistence, but almost white as milk, showing that the secretion of bile is almost completely suspended; the stool was followed by severe tearing pains in anus,

Expulsion of about eight inches of faeces, like a rope, solid, knotty, first half dark, rest quite light in color,

Stool, 8 A.M., very costive; great straining; faeces in balls,

Bowels torpid,

The usual stool did not take place,

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