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Aesculus Hippocastanum - Back And Neck symptoms - T.F. Allen

Horse Chestnut, Aesc hip, Aesculus Hipposcastanum, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Aesculus hip, Aesc.

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HPUS indication of Aesculus Hippocastanum: Hemorrhoids
Aesculus Hippocastanum
Common symptoms: Hemorrhoids, Back pain, Irritability.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aesculus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in back of neck,

Pain, dull and heavy, in back of neck,

Feeling of lameness and weariness in back of neck and small of back,

Pain in neck,

Soreness of neck, with pricking sensations,

Neck very stiff and swollen,

Slight enlargement of cervical glands, sore to touch,

Good deal of dull aching pain between shoulders,

Continual pains in back, shoulders, and neck, at times with pricking sensations,

Dull pain in back,

Constant dull backache,

Slight backache all day,

Very severe and constant backache,

Back ached very hard all night, and is still aching,

Back aches severely,

Back aching violently; walking is almost impossible,

Violent backache all day, almost impossible to get up after sitting down,

The backache is very severe when moving,

Back and legs have ached so severely that I was compelled to lie down all the forenoon,

Back is feeling very stiff when moving,

Dull, aching distress in the dorsal region,

Pains in the small of the back,

The pain extends from the bowels to the small of the back,

Dull aching pain in small of back, aggravated by motion,

Tearing pain in small of back and hips when walking,

The small of my back aches so severely that it is almost impossible to stoop down, or to get up when sitting,

Very severe pain in small of back and hips when getting up; not much after moving a minute or so,

Weariness in small of back,

Great pain around loins, especially in sacro-lumbar region,

Very severe aching pain in the lumbar region; very painful when trying to walk, with constant burning distress in the epigastric and umbilical regions,

Dull aching pain in the lumbar region,

Lameness, and sensation as if strained in right lumbar region, extending to the gluteal muscles,

Severe aching pain in lumbar region,

Very severe pain in lumbo-sacral region when stooping,

Great pain in sacro-lumbar region,

Constant backache, affecting the sacrum and hips, very much aggravated by walking and stooping forwards,

Constant dull pain across hips and sacrum,

Dull aching pain in sacrum,

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