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Aconitum Napellus - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Aconitine (C27 H40 NO10) is obtained from the roots and stems of Aconitum napellus, L.

Aconitum Napellus must not be confounded with "Morson's (English) Aconitine" (same as Nepalin of Fl├╝ckiger, or Napellin of Wigger, or Pseudo-aconitine of Huebschmann), which is obtained from Aconitum Ferox Aconitum ferox.

(Morning), Confusion etc.

muddled and empty sensation in head heavy and dizzy, etc.

blowing of much bright red blood from nose.

fluent coryza. hiccup.

hurried call to stool.

acute stitches in cardiac region, etc.

weakness in lower legs.

sensation in ankles as if tightly tied, etc.

great exhaustion, etc.

shivering and frequent yawning.

excessive sweat. frequent yawning.

lies asleep on back, etc.

hard red swelling of right upper lid, etc..

(Evening), Confusion of head, etc.

headache. pain in forehead.

pressive headache in vertex.

pressing-out pain in temples, etc.

burning itching in both ears.

face hot. *flying stitches, here and there, etc.

stiff feeling in nape.

warmth of palms. transient stitches, etc.

chilliness. shivering, etc.

rigor down back. prostration, etc.

heat, etc. lachrymation..

(Motion), Confusion in head, etc.

headache, first in vertex, etc.

weariness in neck etc.

painful stiffness in small of back, etc.

tearing pain down arm, etc.

pains in bones of forearm.

acute pain in right forearm, etc.

drawing pain in thighs, etc.

general anxious sensation, etc., chilliness.

severe attack of rigor, etc..

(Walking), Vertigo.

dizzy confusion of head, etc.

the throat symptoms. nausea.

pressive pain in pit of stomach.

shooting in spleen. pain in bladder.

single momentary shock in urethra.

palpitation, etc. pain in loins, etc.

pressure in elbows, knees, hips.

painful pressure in hip-joint.

drawing pain in head of left femur, etc.

stiffness and heaviness of limbs.

great fatigue, etc. pain in patella.

acute, pressing pain in left patella, etc.

sleeping of toes of right foot..

Cough from irritation in larynx, with expectoration of gelatinous mucus, Oppression of chest, relieved by deep inspiration, Chest symptoms worse in evening, Tension and drawing in the lumbar region compelling to bend backward, Trembling of arms and hands (immediately), Burning warmth along dorsum of index finger, Thighs sore to touch, Lascivious dreams,

An intensely white and bright spot, about the size of a small plate, appeared before the eyes both when shut and opened.

it was impossible to determine before which eye it was, though it seemed more nearly in axis of right eye.

it had the refulgence of highly burnished Argentum Metallicum silver, this gradually changed to a straw or light golden color, then the whole field of vision became of a delicate lilac hue, which disappeared to give place to the same spot, which was now of a beautiful and bright azure.

the whole lasted one half hour,.

Shooting pain from right supraorbital ridge, branching out upwards across the forehead to the hairy scalp, sideways to temples, and downwards to the cheeks and into two or three teeth.

increased by pressure, and becoming so excessively violent toward evening, when it was accompanied by constant cough, that all other symptoms were thrown into the shade.

the next day the supraorbital ridge was swollen (15d.),.

Feeling of the most strange distortion of countenance at times, as if a single muscle had bulged out to the size of a pigeon's egg, then as if the whole jaw was thrust to one side, as in partial dislocation.

at other times as if the lower jaw were pushed up or raised into the cavity of the mouth, conveying the idea that the face must look like that of an old man who has lost all his teeth, and in consequence has his lower jaw thrown forwards and upwards (no visible change),.

Several times sensation as if all the muscles of the face were firmly but no spasmodically contracted, attended with a numb, heavy, paralytic feeling of whole face.

similar sensations simultaneously in both arms, from shoulders to the tips of fingers, conveying the idea that the arms were paralyzed, though they obeyed the will perfectly,.

Uvula swollen and elongated.

*the fauces and pharynx injected dark red.

feeling as if an angular many-pointed body were sticking in the throat.

prickling burning in the palate, throat, and along the Eustachian tube, increased by swallowing, with oppression of the chest, headache, and increased flow of saliva.

the throat symptoms were increased by walking in the open air, and relieved after eating,.

On rising in morning, acute lancinating stitches in cardiac region, as if in the pleura costalis, that prevent him assuming an upright posture or breathing deeply, with an inclination to cough.

after rubbing the skin, and making gradual efforts to breathe deeply, these symptoms went off, but that part of the thorax remained sensitive even to external pressure (20 doses 2d dil.),.

At 7 A.M., a gurgling in my bowels, with inclination to pass wind.

on attempting to suppress it, slight tenesmus. Urging to stool, getting more and more violent very quickly.

on trying to act against the pressure on my way to the water-closet, most intense tenesmus (so severe that I had to stand still and take hold of a chair to support the muscular system). All this was accompanied by constant gurgling of fluid in the bowels. Stool gushing out, with relief of tenesmus. Through the day had six more stools all of the same character, of yellow water mixed with white foam, preceded by gurgling, but without pain. One dose of Podophyllum Peltatum Podoph. 30th stopped the diarrhoea (second day). Inclination to stool, which I could control.

no stool (third day). Stool in the evening, of a natural consistency, but of a white-yellow color (fourth day),.

The first doses of from 1/2 grain to 5 grains caused only frequent eructations, diminished appetite, scanty stools, and, somewhat later, a dull headache, especially in the frontal region, lasting some hours. Doses of 5 1/2 to 10 grains caused pressure in abdominal region, distension of the abdomen, slight griping about the navel, nausea, white coating of the tongue, diminished appetite, dryness and scraping in the throat. In addition, a sensation of heaviness in the head, especially in the frontal region, weariness in the limbs, increased warmth in the whole body, ill-humor, with a certain mental restlessness and disturbed sleep, accelerated pulse and palpitation. Larger doses, 20 to 26 grains, aggravated the abdominal symptoms, and, in addition, caused pain in the abdomen, great nausea, great evolution of gas and rumbling in the bowels, increased and prolonged frontal pain, restless sleep troubled by dreams, and at times transient stitches in the praecordial region. In one person the extract caused no effect, except swelling of the tonsils and scanty stool. In another prover, in addition to the preceding, there were the following symptoms nine hours after 24 1/2 grains, violent drawing pain in the back, seated in the lumbar region, so that every movement of the trunk, standing up, stretching out, stooping or sitting down, were very difficult.

the place was also painful to external pressure.

this pain disappeared after five hours, reappeared in the same manner in the abdominal muscles, which became tense like a board. This disappeared after a few hours, leaving only some tension in the abdomen. From a dose of 26 1/2 grains taken two days later, there set in sticking pains in the left hypochondrium, back, and head, and after nine hours tension in the lumbar region. In the same person there was weakness of memory, apparently occurring in connection with the above-mentioned mental restlessness, which did not allow him to fix his attention for any length of time,.