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Aconitum Napellus - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Aconitinum, Aconite, Aconitum, Monkshood, Aconit napel, Acon.

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HPUS indication of Aconitum Napellus: Fear
Common symptoms: Fear, Chills, Colds, Cough, Eye pain, Dizziness.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aconite in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Considerable rumbling of flatulence in bowels,

Paralyzed, inactive feeling in the intestines,

Rumbling in bowels (immediately),

Pressive pain, as from a weight in the hypochondria (12h.),

Feeling of violent constriction in the hypochondria,

Sensation of anxiety in the hypochondria,

Pains in the upper abdomen with ineffectual straining at stool (several).

Stitches in the liver and bowels as with needles,

Continued constriction, especially in the right hypochondrium, not permitting a deep breath,

Stitches in hepatic region, hindering a deep breath,

Pressure in the hepatic region, obstructing respiration, followed by pinching bellyache above the navel,

Violent jerks in the hepatic region, taking away the breath,

Constrictive pain in the region of the gall-bladder, preventing respiration, on sitting,

Shooting in the spleen while walking,

A sharp stitch under the ribs on the right side on laughing aloud,

The upper abdomen below the ribs is the seat of a tense painful swelling,

Dull stitches under the ribs on the left side on inspiring,

Burning in the umbilical region,

Burning sensation in umbilical region, which rapidly traversed it and spread toward the pit of the stomach, with anxious pulsation and shooting there; after a short time came a rigor over the whole body, whereupon the hot feeling and the painful sensation in the umbilical region disappeared (1h1/2.),

Pinching sensation in umbilical region,

Clawing and scraping in umbilical region,

Drawing bellyache on both sides of navel, also excited by bending forward,

Compression of the navel, followed immediately by intermitting pressure, like jerks, in the navel,

A painless feeling above and to the left of navel, as if something cold (a cold finger) were pressing from within outward,

Retraction of navel, especially in the morning before eating,

Flatulent colic in hypogastrium, as from a flatulent purgative,

Sensitiveness of lower abdomen to touch,

Abdomen sensitive,

Sensitiveness of abdomen to touch, as from slight peritoneal inflammation (6d.),

Exceedingly fine prickings, as from needles, in left hypogastric region,

Faint sinking feeling in lower abdomen (19d.).

Dartings in the bowels, as from needles,

Cuttings in intestines, which extend through the chest toward the right shoulder, like sharp knife-thrusts, and almost make him cry out, during stool,

In morning in bed intolerable (cutting) pains in abdomen, so that he cries out and knows not what to do with himself, he tosses about the bed (16h.),

Burning in abdomen,

The child complains of pain in abdomen,

Painful tension of the abdomen with borborygmus,

Great swelling of abdomen, which is painful to touch,

Drawing pains in bowels here and there,

The flanks more tense, painful, and felt hard,

Pressing pain in parietes of abdomen, first right then left, almost typically recurring for several days,

The abdomen swelled as if he had dropsy,

The abdomen seemed as if full of water,

Abdomen swelled, distended as from ascites,

The recti abdominis stretched as hard as a board,

Violent colic,

Slight gripings,

Rumbling in bowels,

Rumbling after eating,

Rumbling and grumbling all night,

Rumbling and grumbling with sensation of rawness,

Grumbling fermentation in abdomen,

With shooting and contractive pains here and there,

Gurgling, with itching in rectum, provoking scratching, and call to stool,

Loud gurgling in lower abdomen, as after a purgative, with sensitiveness in sacral region,

Weakness of bowels, as from abuse of purgatives,

The intestines feel paralyzed and unable to expel their contents; this sensation is observed more in the region of the transverse colon than in the rectum, notwithstanding the stool when discharged is not unusually hard,

Many abdomen symptoms are relieved after warm soup,

Stitches in the region of the spleen, worse on pressure and deep inspiration, inward pressive (fourth day),


Food distresses me after eating,

completely gone, unable to take solid food (1d.),

Loathing of food and qualmishness (1/4h.),

No appetite, food creates nausea,

Food distressed after eating,

After dinner heartburn and pain in stomach,


Colicky, distensive stretching, and pressive pains in abdomen as from flatulence,

Gripes with swelling of the abdomen, relieved by expulsion of flatus (several).

Fine sharp pains in different parts of the abdomen, as from flatus,

Pains in abdomen, as from flatulence,

Very hot flatus (9h.),

Painful rumbling in bowels, and discharge of flatus with relief

Rumbling and gurgling, relieved by expulsion of flatus,


Pinching in umbilical region, as if from nausea, followed by slight diarrhoea,


Warmth in the stomach and nausea (twenty or thirty minutes after first dose),

Eructations of air with nausea going off after breakfast,

Risings of sweetish water with nausea,

Risings from the pit of the stomach amounting to nausea, fasting,

Scraping from the pit of stomach to throat with nausea, and sinking in pit of stomach, as if water were about to flow into the mouth,

Nausea, etc.

Nausea, loathing, and general sick feeling, with painful heaviness of the limbs

Nausea, and sinking in pit of stomach; worse while sitting; almost entirely removed by walking (immediately),

Flesh broth nauseates him,

Nausea while walking in open air,

Nausea, first in pit of stomach, then under the sternum, lastly in the throat without flow of saliva,

Nausea and sinking, qualmishness (1/4h.),

Nausea, as after eating some disagreeably sweet or fat substance (1h.),

Nausea relieved by eating, with sweet taste, and hawking up phlegm,

Faint, sick feeling, without definite nausea,

Sense of weight in stomach with constriction in throat, and nausea,


Severe vomiting, which recurred every two or three minutes, and was performed by a sudden, jerking action of the abdominal muscles, accompanied by a loud shout,

Violent retching and vomiting, with intense pain in stomach,

Retching and vomiting; complained of constriction of oesophagus, burning sensation in the region of the stomach, spasmodic action of the muscles of the chest, abdomen, and extremities; pupils of the eyes dilated; pulse 80, small and weak,

Vomiting and purging (after three hours),

Vomiting; tremulousness; giddiness; insensibility,

Vomiting of an olive-yellow colored fluid,

Nausea and vomiting,

(*Nausea, vomiting, thirst, general heat, and profuse sweat with flow of urine )

Felt sick, but could not vomit,

Inclination to vomit with much diarrhoea,

Violent vomiting,

(*Vomiting of lumbrici, )

Vomiting twice of greenish-gray watery fluid (3d d.),

V., followed by violent thirst,

V. very violent, first of food, then of mucus, frothy, lasting an hour, with burning of lips, mouth, and throat, soon extending to stomach,

Bilious V.,

Green V.,

V. of green bile (1h.),

V. mucus,

V. after each drink,

V. of green masses with diarrhoea of same appearance,

V. of fetid, black, bilious mucus (with relief),

V. artificially excited, only temporarily restored the patient from his state of syncope,

V. with anxiety,

V. with great disposition to stupor,

V. with stools, accompanied by cardialgia and violent colic,

After repeated V. and many stools he still complained of a feeling as if a cold stone lay in the stomach,

V. of mucus mixes with blood, three or four successive days,

V. of bloody mucus, followed by profuse perspiration,

V. blood,


Eructations, immediately,


Frequent loud eructations,

Frequent retching and spitting a tenacious slimy sputa (after forty minutes),

Epigastric uneasiness (soon),

Great pain in epigastric region,

Spasmodic pains in the stomach,

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