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Chest; Skin

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Chest; skin; abscess; arm pit; am-c., 2apis., ars., bell., bufo., cadm., calc-s., 2calc., cedr., coloc., 2crot-h., 1hep., kali-bi., kali-c., lac-c., 2merc-i-r., 1merc., nat-m., 2nat-s., 1nit-ac., petr., ph-ac., prun-s., 1rhus-t., 2sep., 1sil., 2sulph., thuj.

Chest; skin; abscess; breast; apis., 2bell., 2bry., bufo., 2camph., 2cist., 2crot-h., graph., 1hep., kreos., 2lach., 1merc., 1phos., 1phyt., sars., 1sil., 1sulph., tarent-c.

Chest; skin; abscess; breast; threatening, on old scars; 1graph., 1phyt.

Chest; skin; abscess; breast; nipples; cast-eq., cham., 2merc., 2sil.

Chest; skin; old scars in breast; carb-an., 1graph., 2phyt.

Chest; skin; old scars in breast; generating pus; 1sil.

Chest; skin; Discoloration

Chest; skin; Out-breaks on skin

Chest; skin; arm-pit excoriated; ars., aur., carb-v., con., 2graph., mez., sanic., 2sep., 2sulph., zinc.

Chest; skin; Itching

Chest; skin; small, purplish spot; ars., cop., stram.

Chest; skin; small, purplish spot; very purple; ars.

Chest; skin; small, purplish spot; star shaped; stram.

Chest; skin; purpura; kali-i., phos.

Chest; skin; over-sensitive; helon., nat-c., nux-v., seneg., stront., sulph., zinc.

Chest; skin; over-sensitive; to cold air; 2ph-ac.

Chest; skin; over-sensitive; arm pit; nit-ac., sul-ac.

Chest; skin; Ulcer

Chest; skin; ulceration; of breast; 2calc., 2hep., 2phos., 1phyt., 1sil., sulph.

Chest; skin; ulceration; right; 2com.

Chest; skin; ulceration; nipples; 2calc., 1cast-eq., cham., 2merc., 2sil., sulph.

Chest; skin; warts on breast bone; nit-ac.