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Nitric Acid
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Nitricum Acidum - Throat symptoms

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum

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HPUS indication: Dry cough

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis that in a tiny dilution like cures like, so while the very dilute homeopathic remedy may help, the raw product is often best avoided.

Below are the strongest indications of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not reviewed by the FDA.

Materia Medica Sources
H.C. Allen - no Nitricum Acidum
T.F. AllenBoenninghausenBoerickeBogerClarkeHahnemannHeringKent Lectures  
Kent New remedies - no Nitricum Acidum
Reversed & reworded Kent repertory  
Morrel - no Nitricum Acidum
NashChange default source(s)
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Pain into ears

Hawks mucus constantly

White patches and Sharp points, as from splinters, on swallowing.

Larynx (voice box); growth

Larynx (voice box); growth; wart-like

Larynx (voice box); scraping, clearing

Larynx (voice box); scraping, clearing; after eating

Larynx (voice box); scratching

Larynx (voice box); ulceration

Blisters; tonsils

Choking, constricting; night

Choking, constricting; while eating

Choking, constricting; larynx

Choking, constricting; larynx; sleep; during sleep

Choking, constricting; gullet


Croup; membranous

Discoloration; purple

Discoloration; redness

Discoloration; redness; throat; back part

Discoloration; white spots

Discoloration; yellow spots


Excoriated (as if grazed, chaffed, see rawness under pain)

Sensation of something in throat; bone (see pain, as of a splinter)

Sensation of something in throat; bread crumbs

Sensation of something in throat; crawling; larynx

Sensation of something in throat; crawling; larynx; after eating

Sensation of something in throat; crawling; trachea (wind pipe)

Sensation of something in throat; lump

Sensation of something in throat; lump; gullet

Sensation of something in throat; gullet


Hawks often

Feels hot


Inflammation; chronic

Inflammation; follicular

Inflammation; after poisoning by mercury

Inflammation; gullet

Inflammation; tonsils

Inflammation; tonsils; tonsils indurated (hard from inflammation)

Inflammation; larynx

Irritation; larynx

Irritation; larynx; after eating

Irritation; trachea (wind pipe)

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; deep-seated

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; grey

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; white

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; yellow

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; extending to nose

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; tonsils

Membrane, exudation, diphtheria, etc.; uvula (lobe at back of mouth)


Mucus; pulled from behind nostrils

Mucus; patches lined with mucus


Pain; evening

Pain; on becoming cold

Pain; swallowing; on swallowing

Pain; swallowing; food

Pain; extending to ear

Pain; extending to ear; on swallowing

Pain; gullet

Pain; gullet; on swallowing

Pain; larynx

Pain; larynx; after reading

Pain; larynx; while talking

Pain; larynx; stinging

Pain; burning

Pain; burning; after eating

Pain; burning; after supper

Pain; burning; gullet

Pain; burning; gullet; extending to stomach

Pain; burning; larynx

Pain; piercing; larynx

Pain; piercing; trachea (wind pipe)

Pain; pressing

Pain; pressing; daytime

Pain; pressing; evening

Pain; pressing; on swallowing

Pain; rawness

Pain; rawness; trachea (wind pipe, see chest)

Pain; sore

Pain; sore; gullet

Pain; as from a splinter

Pain; stinging

Pain; sudden, sharp

Pain; sudden, sharp; on coughing

Pain; sudden, sharp; on swallowing

Pain; sudden, sharp; while talking

Pain; sudden, sharp; larynx


Pulsating; tonsils

Roughness; air passage


Scraping; after reading aloud


Sounds; rattling trachea (wind pipe, see respiration)

Spasms, convulsions etc.; gullet

Swallowing; difficult

Swallowing; difficult; liquids

Swallowing; food lodges in the throat

Swallowing; food passes into nose (see also liquids)

Swallowing; impeded; solids

Swallowing; impossible

Swallowing; impossible; anything but liquids; not even a teaspoonful of liquid


Swelling; fluid accumulation

Swelling; tonsils

Swelling; tonsils; from fluid build-up

Swelling; uvula (lobe at back of mouth)

Swelling; uvula (lobe at back of mouth); fluid accumulation

Swelling; swollen sensation, no swelling visible

Tickling in the air passages

Tickling in the air passages; larynx

Tickling in the air passages; in trachea (wind pipe)


Ulcers; after mercury poisoning

Ulcers; stinging in

Ulcers; throat at back of mouth

Ulcers; throat

Ulcers; tonsils

Ulcers; uvula (lobe at back of mouth)

Ulcers; uvula (lobe at back of mouth); syphilitic

Voice; barking

Voice; hoarseness

Voice; hoarseness; morning

Voice; hoarseness; with running nose

Voice; hoarseness; from singing

Voice; hoarseness; from talking

Voice; lost

Voice; rough

Voice; weak

Voice; whispering

Wart-like growth

Wasting; larynx

Wasting; trachea (wind pipe)

External throat; abscess

External throat; out-break on skin; boils side of neck

External throat; glands indurated (hard from inflammation)

External throat; pain; throat-pit; when drinking

External throat; pain; burning; cervical glands (on side of neck)

External throat; perspiration; midnight; on waking

External throat; swelling; cervical glands (on side of neck)

External throat; swelling; cervical glands (on side of neck); generating pus

External throat; swelling; sides

External throat; swelling; thyroid gland

External throat; warts

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